Reality TV: Exploring the Esoteric: Legend of the Serpent: The Biggest Religious Cover Up in History Video
Legend of the Serpent: The Biggest Religious Cover Up in History

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Reality TV: Exploring the Esoteric: Legend of the Serpent: The Biggest Religious Cover Up in History (2009)

Episode 6
Available worldwide

Evidence is being uncovered that suggests serpents were revered and worshiped all over the globe, and may have led the foundation for many religions of the world. Philip Gardiner takes us on a journey where he expounds on examples showing that serpent worship was once highly prevalent. Though the serpent originally represented wisdom, it was eventually reckoned as evil as medieval religious fervor overtook Europe and serpent worshipers were stamped out.

This program only begins to scratch the surface on ancient serpent worship. A vast amount of evidence suggests that it is very likely that serpent worship was the original religion of mankind and has influenced all other modern religions. The evidence is in plain sight and obvious to those whose eyes are open to seeing such things.

Philip Gardiner
Tim Cowles


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negutron, posted on April 3, 2016

and the background noise is too loud.

joxyjules, posted on February 15, 2016

I couldn't continue listening because the background music was too loud and too distracting. I had to back up a few times to catch what he had said, but finally gave up and stopped about half way through

NZBigAl, posted on July 24, 2015

It is my belief that the ancient 'gods' that came from heaven to Earth. Were extraterrestrials. Some of these were reptilians. Most were benevolent, some were malevolent. Just as similar as the Secret Space Programs today are dealing with today. In the Sumerian account. The first being that landed on the Earth encountered his first creature and it was a snake. Thank you.

izzyt84, posted on December 25, 2014

Read the Gospels, and you'll clearly learn that Jesus "REFUSED" anything to do with the "vinegar and gall!" As for 'serpents' and churches ie "Cathedrals, " they were ALL built by "Freemasonry!" hence the use of the symbol of their god - "Lucifer! "

negutron, posted on April 3, 2016

They are clearly ecclectic spiritualists who come from the cosmopolitan serpent worship...that's what this whole film is about. If the gnostics worship lucifer, then it's not the same one as the christians. To a christian, anyone who is not a christer is hellbound. WHich includes buddhists apparently, even though anyone on earth can prove easily that buddhists are much more moral, better people than christians. We're keeping record. You never hear about buddists. Why aren't you jealous of this fact, as a Christian? Don't you have any integrity?

I mean who has been in the last 20 wars? Buddhists? Nope! Who has lied to their public for the last 15 yrs in a terrible gamit to keep up an illusion that only serves the top 1%--not the buddhists! Buddhists in my experience build meditation retreat centers from donations from people like myself. I found out about them because they fed and housed and taught me vipassana for a 10 day retreat completely gratis. I didn't have money at the time so I couldn't donate. But instead I volunteered my time for a month and paid the cost of myself+1 so another could 'be a vipassana student'. This is how the world should work, and because of these people I understand what matters. I come down from that sanctuary back into the real world of the post911 neocon-run funhouse hall of mirrors trip and I want to go running back to the buddhists. Christians have ruined this country.

SO before you start getting down on gnostics or anyone else, take a big look in the mirror and look at all your countrymen around you that are suffering. You did that. And so did I. Because we didn't hold the 9/11 criminals feet to the fire hard enough, we didn't take the right actions to stop them. We let them treat us like a doormat and now this is the government we have. Corrupt 100% to the core. We did this. You can call them the NWO, or blame the gnostics, etc. But by my estimation, we all need to be taking psychedelic mushrooms (ie: gnostic sacrement -- alchemical 'vitriol') to figure out first of all that there IS a spiritual war going on and every moment that we lose not knowing this is another moment 'they' get stronger. BUt this requires that you abandon the black/white thinking of infantile christianity and start getting a grip on how the world actually works and how christianity sounds good on paper but in practice it totally sucks. It sucks because you give up all your power to this idea that the messiah is coming to save you and it's right around the corner...also that all you have to do is love and accept jesus as your savior and it absolves you of wrongdoing--making him kind of like a union leader or an insurance salesman. I mean, get a grip. Be responsible for your thoughts and actions and get with the program for once in your life. Stop giving up your power to icons like the pope or beyonce or the iphone

izzyt84, posted on May 9, 2016

That not ALL people are as "bigoted, naive and as Ignorant as you!" See my other posts, ' buddy -boy. '

PS, excuse me while I rip this little maggots head off "intellectually," I've got to make numerous replies due to replying from my phone.

izzyt84, posted on May 9, 2016

First of all, you telling me, "Gnosticism is NOT Christianity," is the equivalent of a 'patient explaining' to a brain-surgeon how to do their job! Good luck with that! You immediately made yourself look the FOOL, ' assuming that I didn't ALREADY know "Gnosticism is NOT Christianity (I'm talking 5one thing, and you want to play 'games!'). If you want a ' fight you cannot win, give me your BEST SHOT! And I'd have responded to your stupidity had I seen your ' little rant of a booklet' which is nothing more than a total WASTE OF SPACE!

I'm talking about the lie (which is as old as dirt) about Jesus "refusing the gall and vinegar" (which is the equivalent of a modern day sedative), and how Gothic Cathedrals were built by Freemasons, and you come off with this "rambling account" of all your "good works" and other things that have absolutely nothing to do with what I said! Who the hell do you think you are? BTW, ALL your "good works are as filthiness unto God!" Look it up! And another thing, you (again) incorrectly stated ALL Christians "send you to hell." Correction: 1) Catholics will send you to "predatory," so you can ' pay penance, and get a get out of jail free card, and B) God doesn't, nor EVER has ' Sent anyone to hell! P People (like you) make their own decisions ' contrary to God's will ' and send THEMSELVES to HELL! I tried to be ' Nice ' to you, but after having read your 'rant ' as though I WAS THE CAUSE OF ALL YOUR SCREW -UPS, ' that's it - gloves come off!Look, you don't know me, you don't know I have a degree in Theology and Apologetics, and Biblical Studies. You want 'fight' with me? Bring it, pal!

izzyt84, posted on May 8, 2016

Did I say anywhere in my post that 'Gnostics' were 'Christians?' No, I didn't. So, you're making an 'assumption.' I know full well 'gnostics are NOT Christian!' I think about any fool knows as much. As far as your comment, gnostics don't believe in a 'devil,' yeah and neither do 'witches,' etc, etc. Then how do you explain 'evil?' Or do you not believe 'evil exists' either? Oh, "it's a force," I've heard that one many times. Just as this, "we don't believe in a 'devil.' Well, for that matter now MOST 'Christians' pastors, and priests do not either!! Does that make them right? Or just ignorant when it's in the bible itself. Oh, 'we don't believe the bible,' 'we don't believe in a God.' I don't care WHAT you believe in! You could worship your precious 'serpent' all day long as far as I'm concerned! Though I'm sure you don't 'believe' the bible, it states in the book of James, 'even the demons believe in Jesus and tremble,' look it up. And as for all these so-called Christians who no longer believe in a 'devil.' well I doubt they were 'Christians' to begin with. The church has been infiltrated by 'gnostics' ever since the time of Christ. I'll take it even further down the 'rabbit hole.' Between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2, there is what many theologians believe to be a "gap." Hence the 'void and darkness,' mentioned in Gen 1:2. Do you think that was 'created' as such? No. There was a 'rebellion' that occurred when 'Lucifer,' now 'Satan' fell from grace and took a third of the angels with him. Now, all this happened BEFORE 'God even created man!' And there is evidence to suggest that 'Lucifer' had dominion over the Earth BEFORE God created man, which caused him to 'rebel.' So, it was during that time when all this 'Serpent worship' was created, which is why this movie begins with the claim (which is correct) that 'serpents' were worshiped in every part of the world. Yeah, because Lucifer was ruling the earth. And so what if everyone worshiped 'serpents' everywhere? Does that make it 'right?' If everyone jumped off a cliff right now because that's their 'belief,' does that make it 'right?' Like I said, I could care less whether you wanted to worship a 'snake' a 'donkey' or a 'monkey!' I know "Gnosticism is NOT Christian." so what's your point? Was that it? And even Albert Pike the 'lovable' highest ranking Freemason in his day, refers to 'Lucifer,' and the FACT that Freemason 'worship him!!!' Read his book Morals and Dogma. He himself (as did Helena Blavatsky with her Theosophy), BOTH speak about "Lucifer and Adonay" being 'co-equals,' well the Mormons teach the same thing. You could make a claim for anything you want, but that doesn't necessarily make it so.

izzyt84, posted on December 25, 2014

This Gardner "actor" has been referenced by at least 2 well known, and respected researchers as being nothing less than a "puppet" of the elite ie: Club of Rome," and another I will not divulge here.For those unfamiliar with the (COR), their a "lovely" group whose goal is to usher in a "New World Order," take down the US via "socialism" and their "zero-growth industrial policy," ie "NAFTA and its evil

barbarap9, posted on December 5, 2014

monotonous background noise overshadowed the speaker and was beyond annoying! Drove me to distraction and had to stop listening.... Don't producers listen to their own work before releasing!

kristine.fry, posted on June 11, 2014

the music was too loud in places and atrocious in others although overall the information presented is quality and makes good sense.

janinewidmer, posted on February 10, 2014

There is no need for Music here. It is way to loud and absolutely disturbing.

kirkal028, posted on December 15, 2012

I thought it presented the case well in the beginning and weakened afterwards coming into present day. The music was too loud, overwhelmed the verbal presentations. Made it less professional and took away from the subject.

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