Leslie Sansone - Walk Away the Pounds for Abs - 2 Mile Walk Video
Leslie Sansone - Walk Away the Pounds for Abs - 2 Mile Walk

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Leslie Sansone - Walk Away the Pounds for Abs - 2 Mile Walk

Episode 2
Available worldwide

Pour on the power with this 2-mile 30-minute workout. You'll be amazed at just how fast 2 miles flies by when you're picking up the pace and adding the push and pull of that all-important resistance training. You'll sweat. You'll stretch. You'll strengthen, tone and condition. And you'll burn even more calories and fat with this Walk Away the Pounds workout.

Leslie Sansone


Episode 2
Episode 2
, 32 minutes
This is a high calorie burn 2 mile walking workout with a focus on abs lead by Leslie Sansone.
Available worldwide

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billyjo10, posted on August 10, 2015

Very satisfying two miles! Now time for an orange, then some Yoga baby!

POORNIMAK, posted on December 26, 2013

I agree with the others' comments. This particular workout is really good. I am glad to have found it on Gaiam TV.

mally, posted on March 7, 2013

i absolutely love leslie. even when im in a poor mood and don't feel like working out i usually turn one of her workouts on and it changes my whole mood.

robin818, posted on September 14, 2012

I love this workout! She uses the Walk-Away belt, which I don't own. I instead used small hand weights and got a great, sweaty workout. There are good ab exercises at the end, but no floor work.

mlfcurtis@gmail.com, posted on July 2, 2012

I'm a fan of Leslie Sansone...and this video did not let me down. I worked up a sweat and felt like I got a good workout. I like how intense it gets after the first mile and that some core moves are thrown in.

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