Leslie Sansone Walk in Your Home - 3 Mile Super Fat Burner  Video
Leslie Sansone Walk in Your Home - 3 Mile Super Fat Burner

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Leslie Sansone Walk in Your Home - 3 Mile Super Fat Burner

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Leslie Sansone takes you through this 3 mile workout in just 45 minutes. What makes this workout “super fast burning” is the addition of upper body exercises to increase your overall calorie burn. Leslie does use the walking belt with handles but it is not needed to enjoy the great results this workout has to offer.

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jenkate22, posted on September 3, 2012

Great routine, wasn't expecting to sweat as much as I did. I didn't have a belt, but used some 3 lb weights!

Kathy Richardson, posted on August 11, 2012

If, like me, you rely on Leslie for simple, easy to follow, yet effective moves, then this is NOT the video for you. I found many of the moves too different and harder to do than Leslie's usual steps, especially during the second mile.

I've been using Leslie's videos for many years, so I'm not a novice. But for a workout that uses the walkaway belt, I'll stick with Walk Away The Pounds for Abs.

But if you like more complex, "dance-y" type moves, then you'll probably like this workout.

sylvia_ross, posted on May 1, 2012

Broke a sweat; great for a beginner....my sweat may have been due to the patio door open while working out on the island of Trinidad. Great 3 mile morning workout, none the less.

lizzybee, posted on March 22, 2012

Did the whole 3 miles, worked up a good sweat! The use of the belt was a great addition.

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