Open Minds: Life of Crime to a Life of Service with Kenny Johnson Video
Life of Crime to a Life of Service with Kenny Johnson
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Open Minds: Life of Crime to a Life of Service with Kenny Johnson (May 2016)

Season 6, Episode 24
Available worldwide

Can a person who was once dedicated to a life a crime find salvation through a life of service? Kenny Johnson was a repeat offender serving a 40 year prison sentence when he had a spiritual awakening. After his release, the pieces fell into place for him to start a program which would help transitioning inmates learn how to find their own sacred space and begin to heal the wounds deep in their souls. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast May 29, 2016.

Kenneth Johnson, author of The Last Hustle, is the founder and director of This Sacred Space. This Sacred Space was born from Kenny’s experiences after being in prison over 20 years and going through the final transformation of a spiritual awakening that changed his life radically and ended his years as a criminal. He is now a spiritual teacher and a consultant to families and to those who have been out of prison and may be going to jail.

Regina Meredith
Kenneth Johnson


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cm, posted on June 15, 2016

REALLY enjoyed this interview and am delighted to learn its one of a series. Kenny was a breathe of fresh air and Regina was excellent interviewer as per usual. I look forward to watching more and being educated. Well done Gaia on supporting these really important topics.

Aloha8, posted on June 6, 2016

A very wise man, bring him back! A very very very inspiring interview. More, please.

michaelamariejoan, posted on May 30, 2016

michaelamariejoan, posted on May 30, 2016


janepinter, posted on May 29, 2016

I believe Kenny Johnson is now showing people who have never been in prison or that life style to have more empathy for those who are or have been in prison. Many people benefit from reading self help books and joining specific therapies. Why not have more life skills therapies right in the prisons? Such as the hospital idea Kenny suggested. If institutions are demanding so much money to keep people in prison we need to demand that they have credible rehabilitation therapy programs with proper incentives so that prisoners will want to take those programs.

laura.scheffer, posted on May 28, 2016

This show really resonates with me, as I have a son-in-law who was recently incarcenated. I thought I knew a little bit of what he has been going through, but I realize that the real help he is going to need is when he gets out. I am going to activley seek out any kind of program of therapy for this young man now, so that we can all be better able to support him and each other. Thank you Regina for these timely stories, giving hope and practical solutions to the obstacles that so many American citizens have been dealing for a long time now.

Terricogbill, posted on May 27, 2016

Awe Kenny

Terricogbill, posted on May 27, 2016

Thank you for your wisdom and sharing inn the School of Life . You are helping sooo many people . God Bless You ❤️

akamai9999, posted on May 27, 2016

In Michael Tellinger's Ubuntu Contribution Society....Kenny would of never been in the hell that has consumed his life...The mere presence of the
Babylon magic money slavery system is what destroyed Kenny's potential....Kenny is also a classic example of how strong the co creative spirit can be ,
even with the horrific bad options of the Babylon magic money slavery system....Michael Tellinger's Ubuntu Contributionism movement is the only solution
to prevent this maze of only bad options be transformed into good options.....Let Kenny be a hard lesson for all of start practically applying Ubuntu
Contributionism on a local global scale...The first step is to purchase Michael Tellinger's book(Ubuntu Contributionism" a blueprint to human prosperity) on Amazon for around $20.00 ,watch his youtube videos online
and go to his website

Doug Johnston, posted on May 27, 2016


BrianT, posted on May 27, 2016

Yes! Kenny is a hope factory!
Appreciate bringing awareness to this part of society... the men and women behind bars. My heartfelt prayer goes out to this part of our group consciousness that is crying for help.
Kenny your life is a gift for not only those you touch and now shared to those behind other kind of bars. Would love to hear more of Kenny on Gaia. You have so much practical experience - that is what transmits and transfers. You have a pHD in resilience. I feel the hope for humanity being broadcast.

rebecca.reynolds, posted on May 26, 2016

Regina and Kenny Thank you so much for this show. It was moving and touching, and deeply inspirational. Its viewing also occurs at a poignant time for me; sending you deep gratitude. Kenny I am looking forward to reading more on your site.

I'm really looking forward to the continuing segments. I believe that this is truly important work (the doing of course, and the sharing).

gnomecrusher, posted on May 26, 2016

Wow! Kenny is so insightful. I hope to hear more discussions about rehabilitation. It's such an important topic that's always ignored, yet so vital to a healthy society. I'm really looking forward to the next one.

Thank you!

cedguru, posted on May 26, 2016

This show hit me hard in both good and harsh ways, and I want to thank Kenny with a big e-hug. It is very clear that there is work to be done. Caring, hard work. We all need to be as persistent in our spiritual growth as the ones who are doing the work because their lives depend on it. Isn't that true no matter where we live? It seems that The Truth, no matter what it is, is never cheap or easy to come by, or to live with when we do get it. The truth journey is a 24/7 undertaking. Thank you Regina, Kenny, and everyone who worked to bring this to us.

holbrooks2013, posted on May 26, 2016

Power goes where the attention goes, he changed his intentions which changed the direction of his power. The power was there the whole time but he was unaware of it and how to use it for the good. He overcame great odds when he changed his intention!!

jbrand1997, posted on May 26, 2016

Kenny - you're awesome and your message applies to all of society. If people aren't ready to heal, no amount of education or prodding is going to help - prison or not. Thank you for sharing your journey!

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