Alan Watts on Eastern Wisdom and Modern Life : The Life of Zen Video
The Life of Zen
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Alan Watts on Eastern Wisdom and Modern Life : The Life of Zen (1960)

Episode 14
Only available in Canada, United States

A look inside Zen monastic life and practice reveals a culture of dialog and subtle humor between master and student.

Alan Watts
Richard Moore


Man and Nature Video
Episode 1 Man and Nature
Man and Nature (1959)
Episode 1
, 29 minutes
Alan Watts speaks on the contrast between Eastern and Western attitudes in regard to man's place in nature – are we nature's conquerors or collaborators?
Only available in Canada, United States
Things and Thinks Video
Episode 2 Things and Thinks
Things and Thinks (1959)
Episode 2
, 29 minutes
Alan Watts presents an explanation of the East Indian idea of maya: the division of the world into separate things and events is a work of human thought and not a fact of nature.
Only available in Canada, United States
Time Video
Episode 3 Time
Time (1959)
Episode 3
, 29 minutes
Alan Watts discusses the East Indian concept of time and the illusion of living for the future as the tomorrow that never comes.
Only available in Canada, United States
The Void Video
Episode 4 The Void
The Void (1959)
Episode 4
, 29 minutes
Buddhism symbolizes its basic spiritual experience as a void, but Alan Watts explains this must not be taken literally.
Only available in Canada, United States

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rajdreamz, posted on November 15, 2014

Holy Sacred Surabi Cows! I can't believe you guys found these programs--absolute gems. I remember when EW&ML first came out and that was around 1959. I grew up in Chicago and was 16--Chicago had just launched a Public Television Station: WTTW, and it's slogan was "Windows To The Word". Indeed it was...we were treated to programs off the beaten and boring path of mainstream TV. I remember the program came on on Thursday evening around 7 I think. I had no clue whatsoever what in hell Alan Watts was even talking about, however my rebel soul eagerly soaked up whatever was being said. I sat on our livingroom (called 'front room' in Chicago-ese) in a lotus position on the floor, armed with a quart of beer and listened to Alan Watts intensely. Occasionally Mom would peer in and I could read her mind: "What IS that my son is watching???" I think once she even asked me Raj, what the heck is that guy talking about? I remember saying something like " know is not to know." How refreshing to see these clips again--to my 16 year old soul, they were absolutely delightful then--as they are now.

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