Lilou Sits with Cynthia James Video
Lilou Sits with Cynthia James

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Lilou Sits with Cynthia James (2011)

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Lilou Mace, on her Juicy Living Tour USA, catches Cytnhia James as she is attending the Gift in Shift conference in Sedona, New Mexico. Cynthia James explains that it is all about passion, knowing what ignites you, knowing your bliss, and calling in your freedom of expression. This passion is a personal matter. Growing up in a family with generations of abuse, she came to the realization that if she can heal her trauma she would be healing the trauma of past and future generations as well.

She explains that we are all divine beings. No matter what you call deity, there is an energy that is flowing and evolving every moment. We are expressions of that; a reminder that we have infinite potential. Once we overcome the old structures that do not support alignment and unity, we can choose to partner and build community.

Lilou Mace

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iamanda, posted on May 14, 2013

I always think I am the only one who went through this as a child. Every time I watch a interview with Cynthia it gives me faith that I can heal from this. I have faith that I can end the cycle and help myself. Thanks for inspiring me not to give up on myself. Thanks for inspiring me that perhaps I am amazing I just never was treated with much love..but I am learning I am loved by something much bigger that I am a part of and that I have love within that I have to nurture myself. The whole world needs to be healed and its all the people like the ones on this website that are making the light in the world that will heal us and help everyone regain their own truth and love so that we can all live a life of abundance instead of fear.

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