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Limits Of Science

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Limits Of Science (2003)

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The sum of scientists working in laboratories worldwide today is greater than the sum of all the scientists who have existed throughout history – 90% of the researchers civilization has ever known are working right now. In 20th century, scientific development was a keystone of political and economic development. During that time, science moved from wanting to understand the world to wanting to change it Knowledge became a high percentage of the GNP of advanced nations. Science became techno-science, with a clear connection to business use. Private funding steps in, and these sources want profitable patents. But what will become of the great questions? We explore not only the technological but also the ethical, moral and economic limits of science.

José Ramón da Cruz

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janepinter, posted on February 2, 2015

I can see how genetically modified food has become such a giant of a monster. It was probably privately funded and those with a vested interest are unable to let it go even if they see that some or most of their ideas are harmful. Who can tell a private investor to quit monkeying around with nature if the potential of power control and high incomes are so tempting. Yes, society should have a voice in these new technologies or biologies. Especially people should be free of the threat of being sued if they don't want it. Genes should not be patented. Just my opinion.

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