Gift of the Rains: Limpopo – River of Giants Video
Limpopo – River of Giants
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Gift of the Rains: Limpopo – River of Giants (2001)

Episode 9
Only available in United States

The Limpopo River in Southern Africa is a giant, not only in its size, but also in the wealth of animal life it supports.

In the dry season, the river is the only source of water for many animals, from the giants such as elephants to the smaller creatures. Other giants of the Limpopo include predators such as the python, the largest snake in Southern Africa, and the leopard, which is both the largest spotted cat and the largest solitary hunter. The river is a lure for their prey, particularly in winter.

At this time of year, the slow-moving river becomes an ideal habitat for algae, which is enjoyed by the tilapia and other fish.

When the rains come in summer, the Limpopo swells to giant proportions, saturating its floodplain. Now there is water available further away from the river, and the animals are able to disperse to the valley.

Peter Lamberti


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