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Living Lightly

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Living Lightly (2007)

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This sweet film offers a unique glimpse into the world of a 21st-century family that chooses to live close to the land.

In a corner of New Brunswick, Canada, the craft of scything is practiced as meditation in action. Living Lightly poetically explores a way of relating to the land, and the bounty that comes from such devotion. You’ll love the competition between the gas-powered weed whacker and the young woman in a sun dress wielding a scythe!

Robin Burke

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earlymorning, posted on April 1, 2015

Living lightly and working so rhythmically together is very moving to see. It was an emotional experience.

orionsnova, posted on December 1, 2014

The incredible unity of this family with each other, their work, and the earth is breathtaking. Just seeing such an alternative way of life made me briefly sob from the depths of my soul; the life that could be lived vs city 9 to 5, continuous commuting through traffic, and children playing video games. This little short expresses the way of life intended for mankind, living lightly.

thisisme63, posted on September 27, 2016

I havewatched this short, andenjoed it, but seem to be un-able to get itto load to re-watch with myhusbandso that he might also enjoy it as well. I seem tyo be having the sameexact problem with iton thedownload too when attemptingto watch iton the Gaia player offline.

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