Living in a Selfish World Video
Living in a Selfish World

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Living in a Selfish World (2011)

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For decades economists have portrayed mankind as a species that seeks only profit and its own advantage. Many economists view the global markets and their mechanisms in accordance with this image. People chase individual success with all their might – even at the expense of their neighbors.

Yet recently scientists from various different disciplines have begun to question this view of things. The financial crisis gave a special urgency to their work, and in the meantime, neuro-scientists, evolutionary researchers and economists have turned the old, pseudo-Darwinist picture of mankind on its head. They are coming to the conclusion that, throughout its tribal history, humankind is characterized by mutual support, readiness to help and teamwork.

Kurt Langbein, Gottfried Derka

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Aloha8, posted on December 15, 2015

The teeter-totter balancing of competition v. cooperation rests on the pretext that there are limited resources. We perpetuate this mass delusion when we believe it is true when it is not true. This pretext is founded on the premise that common sense, that human ethics, based in part with the personal experience of pain, can be turned off and on at the whim of the dominant sector of society. It is based on the idea that the "masters" will dictate to the "slaves" their reality, any reality they would like to invent, for their own selfish need such as an endless thirst for power and dominance.

BigPharma plays a key role here in sedating pain, convincing humans that pain is abnormal instead of teaching one to follow the message of each form of pain to see where it leads. Your pain is my pain. It's a cry from the human soul, that something is out of balance. Pain is the collective human nerve screaming.

If you let them, those in control will decide if and when you will feel pain. So don't be a spiritual slave. Nobody can enslave a spirit, only the body can be enslaved and it tends to follow its beliefs. When we do more than point out unfairness, when we emote instead of move to make it fair, we feed the parasites that need this chaos to exist. By over-reacting, emoting or focusing on what's wrong with the oppressor, we inadvertently empower that oppressor. What I do to you is done to me as well. If I am unfair to you, we both experience unfairness, and vice verse. It's a hard lesson.

Birdie, posted on February 2, 2013

This is a very informative film. I think they have done a great job showing the basic need of humans to cooperate. The also show us how selfishness creeps into our lives. It shows the rewards we can attain when we cooperate. I hope that you will view this film to get a better understanding of those that are selfish and those who are not.

lllemar, posted on November 13, 2012

I hope that many viewers will be inspired by this film and its message: be cooperative, be helpful at when an opportunity arises in your life; it benefits everyone in a greater degree. This only reinforces my beliefs about energy and the great I Am. and..I always loved that song "Together, You and I." ...for united we stand, (or was that the title) divided...we fall....for if our back's against the wall, we'll be together..together, you and I.

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