CMN: Lorraine Day on Vaccines and Antibiotics Video
Lorraine Day on Vaccines and Antibiotics
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CMN: Lorraine Day on Vaccines and Antibiotics (December 2008)

Season 4, Episode 48
Available worldwide

With news of viruses, vaccines and a severely broken Medical Industry we decided to pay another visit to Dr. Lorraine Day. Dr. Day, for those of you who are not familiar with her story, was the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at USF, a prestigious hospital in San Francisco, when she developed cancer. With only hours left to live she had a surprising vision, especially for an agnostic. The image of Jesus appeared before her and asked her if she wanted to live. “Yes,” was her answer, and she was shown the tenets of building a strong immune system and peaceful life. She followed this information and, over time, completely recovered. Today, she researches and guides others as to the dangers of putting our children and ourselves in the care of doctors, especially where vaccines are concerned.

The information in this interview is designed to inform you rather than scare you – the initial impact may speed up your heart rate or challenge you but this is important information to know about and Lorraine is a straight talker. Remember that she is a trained surgeon and to her, understanding the body and medicine is second nature. She is also married to a retired congressman and her understanding of the political agenda comes from credible sources.

Regina Meredith
Dr. Lorraine Day


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thequestess, posted on August 19, 2016

So, I'm on board with some of the "conspiracy theory" stuff, but only when it makes sense. There's enough proof to show there's a shadow government and a secret space program. It's obvious the media is controlled. It's obvious the federal reserve is a ponzi scheme. I totally believe the pharmaceutical industry is more interested in profits than human health, and that they rig and/or cover up studies.
I also don't blindly get vaccines and have done a lot of research into their risks. In fact, I started watching this because I'm currently trying to decide if my newest child will even get _any_ vaccines at all. (My other child had only one series, and after the fact I learned it wasn't probably worth it because she was almost out of the age group at risk.)

But this Lorraine Day lady? She's totally pegging my little-bit-nuts meter. She's drank just a little too much of the conspiracy theory koolaid. Like, really, schools are having kids write essays about how they should kill themselves? REALLY? And freakin' birth control is the illuminati depopulating us? And, I know Planned Parenthood was founded by someone who believes in eugenics, and it serves more poor and minorities than any other demographic... but, really, abortion is also a depopulation ploy? She also said Canada, the US, and Mexico would definitely be one country by 2010 because it's party of the NWO plot. We'll, 6 years later, I'm still seeing separate countries....

And she claims vaccines are being used to depooulate the earth. Who actually knows someone who has died (not been injured, but died) from vaccines? I think most people know no one. I know of one person who died from a flu vaccine, but I don't know him personally. He was the brother of my husband's old high school girlfriend.
So, out of the hundreds of people I know, and the thousands of people who know or are relatives to people I know, there's only one who died from a vaccine. So, if they're trying to kill people with vaccines, it sure isn't very effective!
Her other claim it's that vaccines and fluoride cause infertility ... again, considering almost everyone gets vaccines and uses fluoride, I'm not seeing a very big return on this "tactic" ...

I'm just not sure I can take anything she says seriously. I mean, obviously she's not applying critical thinking, and even basic research here. Maybe she had too much fluoride and it affected her frontal lobe (something she says it does).

She does say many things I agree with, like that a lot of health can be improved with eating well, lowering stress, resting, etc. It's just that she then takes very rational statements and puts this nutty, fear-based conspiracy spin on them. "Pharmaceutical companies want everyone to be on drugs [well yeah, then they make the big bucks], because drugs kill and it's part of the depopulation plan [I doubt they'd want to kill their revenue source off]."

I have found all the other guests I've seen on Gaia to be very down to earth and credible. Unfortunately, Lorraine Day does not fit in that group.

moonfire2, posted on February 4, 2016

Great info.. Thank you Gaim and Dr. Day

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