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Luna (2009)

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There are things on the moon beyond comprehension. New evidence taken from various space missions suggests the director’s theory – that a moon base exists, which is commonly referred to by those in the intelligence community as Luna.

Jose Escamilla

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maria600, posted on October 8, 2016

I love these films but they're hard to follow when there's no narration or context.

scottc89, posted on October 4, 2016

Rare never seen color pictures of our very close neighbor, all I can say is Wow! There is absolutely know doubt that we have not heard the last about this. A Must See for any nonbeliever. I can't wait till the tours begin! There really is so much out there right in our on solar system. When will the masses wake up?

akhaishimray, posted on October 4, 2016

Can you give a visual reference for size? At least in the beginning; just so that we can get a bearing. Like so and so crater is roughly the size of 10 Football fields or New York City or the State of Texas etc etc.

mjglobal6, posted on October 12, 2016

WOW theres alot of people on the moon!!

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