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Made by Me

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Made by Me (2011)

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Made by Me explores the connection between three Los Angeles artists and their crafts, by immersing the viewer in each creative process. The result is a lyrical piece celebrating handmade goods in a world of mass-production.

Sam Moyer uses the natural shape of wood as a guide to design tables, desks and chairs. James Romero builds custom bikes from old bike frames and scraps of metal. Joe Cariati blows glass with the skill of his Venetian predecessors and yet achieves an aesthetic unmistakably his own.

Samuel Moyer, James Romero, Joe Cariati
Jess Dang

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susan20, posted on August 11, 2016

Where are the female artists?

rosaluna, posted on August 3, 2016

High training in old world skills is becoming a such a rarity. I enjoyed watching these men create from basic materials the things we need and value in our lives. Their artistry is way beyond what can be transferred in something factory made and mass produced. A bit of the artist's heart comes along with every artifact he or she makes by hand.

savimraven, posted on August 2, 2016

I've always have been fascinated by glass blowing. I've said for years that I've wanted to try. This has been quite inspiring! I'm a potter who isn't doing her art right now, but like the others below, I love watching people create things with their hands, minds and souls!

motherearth, posted on July 31, 2014

I love to watch people create wonderful things. I wish you had more. I know you have a series just on artist, but I wish it would have continue to the present.

katiewalkerca, posted on July 21, 2014

Quiet, simple, enjoyable and so true. Fantastic short film.

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