Book Tours: Magnificent Addiction (Dr. Philip Kavanaugh) Video
Magnificent Addiction (Dr. Philip Kavanaugh)
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Book Tours: Magnificent Addiction (Dr. Philip Kavanaugh) (1999)

Episode 95
Available worldwide

Philip Kavanaugh, M.D. discusses his book Magnificent Addiction, with Corinne Edwards. Kavanaugh talks about his own past addictions, and the fact that he believes addiction is misunderstood in our society. He coins the term "master addiction," which he explains as the need humans feel to have control over the situations that they face in their lives. Kavanaugh argues that everything we do on a daily basis is an attempt to feel in control of our lives and our situation.

Corinne Edwards
Dr. Philip Kavanaugh


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runswithduck, posted on May 20, 2016

Some excellent observations. Thn he says if you don't know what it is, you're stuck in ego....?
If one doesn't know what it is in HIS parlance, how would a listener recognize it in their own parlance???
But yes, we all need to spend more effort focusing on our commonalities, and less on our differences; on letting go of the need to control everything.
Kinda wondering if society at large demonstrates, in its macrocosm, what people really need to learn about themselves....for instance, in the 1970's, we witnessed [or experienced] lots of flagrant cult-building; now, we're experiencing industries gone power-mad, micromanaging populations by bribing legislators to pass thousands of laws at every level...humanity gone mad drunk on ower/control....when will we learn how to let go of all that?
What individuals experience in increasing numbers per-populaton, is mirrored back to all via troubles in the macrocosm.
HOW do we stop that, before the crazy-train derails everything??

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