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Main Reef Road

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Main Reef Road (1999)

Only available in United States

Main Reef Road explores the changing urban environment of South Africa, especially in the context of the broader political changes of the 1990s. Nic Hofmeyr's journey down this once-bustling route connects him with a multitude of diverse stories.

Gauteng, South Africa's city of gold, has a gritty and glorious road. The road originally followed the line of the gold-bearing reef, zig-zagging and connecting mines, homes and businesses – a road that was once the busiest in Africa. Filmmaker Nic Hofmeyr takes a journey along this road in his battered VW Beetle. Going on a road journey is about experiencing the reality out there. When you're in the car, you are in control of your world. When you step out of your car, anything can happen.

Nicolaas Hofmeyr

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