Maintenance Pilates for Weight Loss Video
Maintenance Pilates for Weight Loss

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Maintenance Pilates for Weight Loss

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Winner 2005 Self Magazine Fitness DVD Award: Best Pilates DVD. This is not a cookie-cutter solution to weight loss. Certified Pilates instructor Ana Cabán will show you how to burn calories, build lean muscle, boost your metabolism, target trouble areas and help you return to your ideal weight. Each exercise is demonstrated for three skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) so you can progress at your own speed.


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ch.amy.private, posted on February 4, 2015

Such a irritating narration! Sorry, but a sing songy voice doesn't help a beginner know what their being asked to do!

bluebell, posted on January 31, 2015

fast paced is the wrong word, kind of an hectic exercise

paulafrances, posted on December 9, 2014

Love her work. I have the VCR version...

SadieOrion, posted on September 4, 2014

It said this demonstrated beginner, intermediate, and advanced moves but I didn't see this. It only demonstrated one move for each exercise. Some were intermediate.
I didn't really feel like I got a great workout in even though it wasn't bad...just not what I was expecting in terms of energy output. I would recommend this for someone who knows a bit about pilates terminology and just wants a chill, low effort, and quick practice. Also to kind of get them up and moving when they are feeling a bit sluggish. It gets more energizing towards the end.

smodrich, posted on January 15, 2014

I am more of a Pilates beginner, so this was difficult at times. I am also not the most coordinated so some of the moves were a little too much for me. I really liked what I was able to do however. GREAT ab workout. Love the scenery as well. Her voice was nice to listen to and she cued well. I will be practicing this more in hopes of getting the moves down. I'm 27 and have psoriatic arthritis in my knees (bummer!!) so I have to mix up my hard and easy workout days. This will be a good easy on the knees day workout. Can't let the PA win. ;)

eileenchavarria, posted on September 21, 2013

that was a wonderful exercise, I loved it, perfect substitute for missing my ballet class. thank you

oryadi, posted on July 29, 2013

Thanks very much for this sequence, its gentle on the body, and work with a nice passe
I wish to ask about pilates and doing exercise while woman's period, do you recomand to do, or rest, or take it easy on your body in these times in the month, although im 48... im "on time" every month... :)

magary71, posted on June 4, 2013

Good instruction, very clear. Good amount of moves in 30 minutes. I will do this one again for sure.

B-health, posted on April 26, 2013

Perfect for a quick no nonsense Pilates fix. I like that she moves quickly through series.

babbittk, posted on April 3, 2013

Started out strong, nice variety and pace but the crab, seal, and snake moves all seemed out of place.

orangehibiscus, posted on April 1, 2013

Definitely not demonstrated for three skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced), as it says in the description. I didn't love this, but someone who enjoys exercises like the crab, seal, and snake would probably like it.

nokneed, posted on March 1, 2013

Tough, but not too hard.Just what I was looking for.

tstogner, posted on January 25, 2013

Intermediate. I like her 60 second little ballet kicks at the end. Ends the workout on a high note.

lilyadam, posted on September 12, 2012

Great ab workout. I still had to do a separate weights video for my arms and the leg workout could be more intense. A solid intermediate video, not advanced.

carrie.bonilla, posted on March 12, 2012

You need to know what you you are doing but I liked that she didn't stop, there was a great flow from exercise to exercise.

achenry, posted on November 1, 2011

This was well cued and her voice is nice to listen to. I found it to be too fast paced and too advanced for a beginner like myself. I don't know what I'm missing but there were no variations offered for different skill levels...this would have been nice to have.

rosaddo, posted on October 30, 2011


nsantala, posted on August 29, 2011

The setting is beautiful. The pace is nice and does not seemed rushed.

nsantala, posted on August 29, 2011

I am happy to see poses demonstrated at different skill levels.

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