Open Minds: Major Transits and Transitions for Autumn 2015 with Robert Phoenix Video
Major Transits and Transitions for Autumn 2015 with Robert Phoenix

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Open Minds: Major Transits and Transitions for Autumn 2015 with Robert Phoenix (September 2015)

Season 5, Episode 43
Available worldwide

Robert Phoenix returns to explain the major transits and the resulting effects that we can expect for autumn of 2015. As this long hot summer begins to wane, we will begin see the outcomes of the work we put forward during the past few months. However, things may not come out entirely as expected. In the upcoming season will see the fourth consecutive blood moon, Pluto turns direct in Capricorn and Saturn crosses the U.S.’s ascendant. Phoenix explains that austerity, transhumanism and our views of death may become the mainstream concerns. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast September 17, 2015.

As an astrologer, writer and radio host, Robert Phoenix has been doing tarot, astrological and psychic readings for 20 years. His methodology blends mundane astrology, mythology and Jungian psychology to provide spiritual guidance. He describes the process as a conversation taking place between his and his clients’ higher selves. His purpose in life is to serve, inform, engage and interact, just as any post-modern Bodhisattva.

Regina Meredith


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lee-advisor, posted on October 21, 2015

What an intelligent, refreshing conversation. Completely honest stuff! I work as a professional futurist, and even with the astrological perspective, much of what is said here really resonates with me. Plus, Phoenix is super-cool and Meredith is always consistently on top of things. Really nice to hear about transhumanism from a spiritual perspective. People need to think about that some more.

zenbino77, posted on October 9, 2015

these two don't mess around. They get right down to the nitty-gritty ;)

thank you, Regina and Robert, for another great conversation!

henriettaraines8, posted on September 25, 2015

Why do you bash the new age movement? It was and is an evolutionary movement. Where would all the "novo new agers" be with the ones who started the investigation and exploring all the other worldly, paranormal, philosophical etc. ?
they/we started the quest. It grows constantly . You offend me by your judgments of a/my journey. It is on going and I listen to those subjects all the time.

cg123, posted on September 23, 2015

Thank you Robert, I find all of this information so interesting - especially the tetrad blood moon. I don't think its a coincidence that the pope is in the United States right now. He's meeting with President Obama today, addressing Congress historically (as the 1st pope ever to do so) tomorrow and meeting with the United Nations General Assembly on Friday. Then the very next day after the pope leaves for Rome (on Saturday), we are having the tetrad blood moon. Fascinating times! I can't wait for your next episode with Regina. Thank you both for keeping us all informed.

solo42, posted on September 23, 2015

It is my very best of advice for everyone to not-ever to comply with the AI's suggestions. Instead, listen to your ('s and other) human verdicts, thoughts and values of Love. The AI is uncapable of Love. Think for yourself what a Higher being would think of your actions. The AI's opinion would not agree with your choice - and that's how you can know you made the Right chioce. :-)

tanglewist, posted on September 22, 2015

An astrologer making fun of the community that actually believes in astrology. Just wow....

charlenesara, posted on September 21, 2015

I just joined this site and this is the first video I chose. The first words I hear are about world domination and how dismal the future outlook is. I did not join this channel for that kind of news. I came here for spiritual truth not crack pot predictions on the globe, but how i can be a better person, not be brought down!~

Paris-California, posted on September 20, 2015

In these extremely uncertain times, clear judgment to make the right decision becomes the most important element in achieving happiness and making the right decisions by better understanding the world around us. Robert helps us to navigate the waters with his clear astro insights mixed with his natural psychic intuitions. I particularly appreciate his explanations that you never really hear in detail from other astrologists. I've watched all of his videos several times and I hope GAIAM brings his series back.

23mentality, posted on September 20, 2015

catenka, posted on September 19, 2015

Robert always crams a ton of intelligent information into his shows which I appreciate. I especially liked the information on the Nodes and would you like some feedback? I would really love a show or a series where Robert discusses the basics of astrology- expanding on the nodes, houses, and planets. Thank you Gaiam.

mac7, posted on September 19, 2015

Absolutely stellar (pun intended) presentation I enjoyed beyond normal daily miraculous expectations as verified by constant synchronicity. Robert you get very recent credit for putting my nose back into my ephemeris with a yellow highlighter, and a strong purpose if not fervor. My Virgo MH with Sat conj, and Sag ASC with a stellium (including the Sun & Jup) in Aq has me enthralled. Duh. Perfect timing for me to get back into my ast studies again now, it would seem. Thanks for helping me understand a lot.

What a great Virgo analysis and service to us all Robert, many of us appreciate your work and efforts toward understanding our world, more than you could know. Regina, you were as absolutely delightful as you always are, and could possibly be!

Please come back with another update or other details soon! I believe the two of you work just great together, and the nodes mutual reception really seems to work for you both, no? My thanks, love and blessings to you both!

laura.scheffer, posted on September 19, 2015

I usually have to watch these interviews with Robert a couple of times. I really like the Astrology 101 series on Gaim also. I don't know the name of the guy that does it, but he explains the nodes very sharply and in easy terms in about 15 minutes.

electricmeg, posted on September 18, 2015

Of all the possibilities in all the universes, all he can talk about is NWO agenda. Very fishy.

23mentality, posted on September 20, 2015

Kinda Fishy indeed, not hatin just my sincere opinion

Satsy, posted on September 19, 2015

oh come on, go with the flow.

threebirdsdream, posted on September 18, 2015

This was the most informative and intelligent conversation on astrological themes I have ever seen. Chock full of relevant and interesting information. Watched it twice to catch all the good stuff. Thank you so much Regina and Robert for sharing with us.

cg123, posted on September 23, 2015

Nicely said Threebirdsdream. I couldn't agree with you more.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on September 18, 2015

We appreciate all the comments on this episode. You can find more insights from Robert Phoenix in our video library here:


mariearmstrong, posted on September 18, 2015

that was very informative. Robert instinctively knows what people need to hear. Thanks for that. hmmm north and south node. they were invisible mysteries, but now are important bits of information.

abby6, posted on September 17, 2015

I've seen those symbols on my many astrological charts before but did not know what they meant, because I never bothered to look it up (consistent with my North node "type").

I watched 1/2 of your interesting interview and then had to google it to find out what 8th house North Node means. By the way all but 3 of my planets are in two houses, eight and six. Six is service/health and healing self to heal others. Meanwhile, here is what I learned:

North Node in 8th house test

1. long life troubles with money
2. learning self-control & discipline (to balance soul memories of sts)
3. good way to balance past indulgences is to learn to live with minimum of possessions needed
4. reserve energy for other activities besides sex (i am in fact celibate)
5. all of the above, and meaning of my hebrew given name "aviva" i will be reborn (cycles of creation/destruction/recreation)
6. burn your bridges (i am very very good at that)
7. all of the above, develop good character and do your own research/work (nobody does it "right" anyway!)
8. one thing i have which others do not have is extreme determination
9. balance my needs and demands of society to be happy
10. helping others to find their resources and VALUES is the right use of my energy--reflecting back to people the attitudes they show me

lucky in metaphysical, occult, and spiritual pursuits because of your north node in 8th house placement.

famous north node in 8th house individuals: winston churchhill, eva peron, j.k. rowling, george washington, cat stevens, vladimir lenin, lenny bruce, george forman, claus von bulow. also interesting is the only one i had to look up was von bulow.

errata: full moon is not on the 21st but on the 27th-28th of this month, in 10 days from the date I posted this. "On 29 November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution recommending a plan to partition Mandatory Palestine into an Arab state and a Jewish state with a common currency, common market and joint coordinating political authorities. Jerusalem was to become an international city." That is from wiki article edited 10 days ago, at The USA needed a solution for the mass refuge problem (look familiar?) The reason it was a "problem" is the millions of refugees from Nazi Germany and territories occupied by Nazi Germany (Poland, parts of Russia etc.) were not Christian and "Christian" countries had quotas (look familiar?) This led to a UN discussion. Proposal 1 of UN was to dump the refugees in Uganda. Rejected by Jewish Zionists. Proposal 2 of UN was to dump refugees in Palestine, with consent of UK which administered this muslim land. Zionism is an offshoot of Marxist-Leonist philosophy. Theodore Hertzel founded Zionism in Austria-Hungary. Hertzel was a Hungarian Jew (who else do we know that is a Hungarian Jew? George Tsoros!). Re Herzel, article edited 9.15.15 Wiki at In Zionism, we have the building of communes focused on "holy land" rather than wherever. IMHO this is an oxymoron, because nothing can be "holy" to true communists who are by definition not putting anything above the common man, so "God" or any religion is unholy. All true communists I have met and worked with (in SF labor law there are a few) are atheists. Zionism is confused with bible prophecy that tells us the "chosen people" will return to Zion. It does not say which chosen and which Zion. We make assumptions like crazy when we are so "sure" it is Jews in Jersualem. We have almost accomplished now, 70 years later what the UN set out to do in 1947 but for Jersualem. I was there, it's not Jewish, it is already divided. What we can do is make it official and take some of the soldiers away.

From a former Israeli (dual citizen)

Shalom from Aloha, Oregon

cedguru, posted on September 17, 2015


moonfire2, posted on September 17, 2015

He's great! So interesting. Thanks Gaiam and Regina. Have Robert back.....Thank you all.

Puptart, posted on September 17, 2015

Another Great interview! The hour just flew by. I understand the message to mean that we are under the influence of the current chart and the north node in Virgo, south node in Pieces. How are we to view our natal position of south and north nodes? How do we integrate the natal stuff with the current north and south nodes?

I look forward to your next visit, Robert! Thank you both, Robert & Meredith for an excellent interview!

beaum07, posted on September 17, 2015

Here's what I think...thought seems paltry and insufficient The feeling of being intelligently supported by this devoted work creates such gratitude that my physical form is now known as but a fleeting shadow, my real being is a dervish dancing in the 7th heaven.

I salute the divine in each of you,
create a good day

earlymorning, posted on September 17, 2015

The nodes in the astrology chart I find are so revealing. My life seems to make more sense since I discovered this information. Thank you Regina and Robert for this informative look at the Autumn aspects.

CosmicCharly, posted on September 17, 2015

if you haven't seen Lucy, it's a good one. a drug boosts her evolution to being able to use 100% of her brain, and she controls all the computer systems and air born data streams with her mind, including time travel; that was a far out movie, albeit a little bit violent due to drug gang related.

sangxngo, posted on September 18, 2015

It was a pretty interesting movie. It's almost like an allegory for the pathway back to one, realizing life as it truly is. Also, the part where she "thinks" her way around the world, past, present, and future from one stationary seat could be seen as a time/space reality where higher beings can phase in and out, much like what the alleged Blue Avians and other 6D+ beings can do according to Corey Goode. Coincidence or intentional? If only we knew..

derekreganwalls, posted on September 17, 2015

Robert and Regina are awesome together.

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