Let‘s All Go to the Beach: Mar del Plata, Argentina Video
Mar del Plata, Argentina
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Let‘s All Go to the Beach: Mar del Plata, Argentina (2007)

Episode 18
Only available in United States

In Mar Del Plata, the wealthy few enjoyed golf, casinos, splendid villas and elegant fashions displayed on the boardwalk. But the end of the war brought an end to all that. After 1946, President Peron’s populism imposed the development of mass tourism.

The fine villas were demolished and replaced by less glamorous apartment blocks. Only the Casino was left intact. Today, it's abandoned. But the reputation of the popular main beach at Mar del Plata has survived, and more and more tourists come here, particularly on the weekends. People think nothing of taking a five-hour bus ride from Buenos Aires to splash in the sea and have a good time. The wealthier visitors flee the crowds and head further south to luxury beach-front resorts and private stretches of sand.

Jean-Michel Vennemani
French and English


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