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Waking Infinity: Medicintegrity (2013)

Episode 4
Available worldwide

Sergey Baranov is a medicine worker in the Andes Mountains and Sacred Valley of Peru. Host Ben Stewart traveled into the ancient Inca territory to drink Huachuma, a sacred hallucinogenic cactus traditionally drunk in ceremonies and rituals.

Sergey recites his journey in life that brought him to the plant medicine, Peru and being an author. The whole tale revolves around challenges to test his integrity with administering the plant for others and becoming a true Huachumero, keeper of the gateway between this world and the invisible.

Ben Stewart, Sergey Baranov
Ben Stewart


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Medicintegrity Video
Episode 4 Medicintegrity
Medicintegrity (2013)
Episode 4
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Sergey Baranov is a medicine worker in the Andes as well as author of the book Path. Host Ben Stewart takes a sacred cacti medicine and explores the integrity of this Huachumero in all his worldly endeavors.
Available worldwide

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mandarijntjespunch, posted on January 22, 2016

I only recently got turned to Ben's videos, which I liked much seeing that I am an artist that uses creativity as a way to manifest a more positive world. So was stoked to find this series, which I also liked much. Props to you all!
Chris Dyer

brandiglass333, posted on August 28, 2015

I hope there are more of these in the pipeline. I must say, that this was my least favorite of the 5. The story was great....maybe I just missed the witty narration(?) At any rate, this one didn't grab me the way the others did, but maybe because I have lived similar experiences of having my art.....my soul manifest in form, criticized and changed. That alone had my mind wandering. I related to the Author deeply in the story, but missed the spoken path that was laid out for us in the other ones. Still, an inspirational and unique look at, around, into and through what "ART" really is! However, (in my opinion), you aren't done yet.

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