Meet Me by the Lake Video
Meet Me by the Lake

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Meet Me by the Lake (2014)

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A young couple meet one last time at the place they met to reminisce about the evolution of their relationship.

Evangeline Crittenden, Nick Brentley
Jack Livingston

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venuscote06, posted on June 29, 2016

Treasure and love every moment. No one knows the future.

wittmank, posted on August 22, 2015

You feel for them, want to save them but remember it's not always possible. We all have that person. Well done.

cassandra.cantrell, posted on August 3, 2015

Well done and simply put. It's not very often that I get tears in my eyes but this one did it. Anyone who has experienced loss should watch this..

challengecoach, posted on August 2, 2015

Simple, real and an honest look at the relationships of life.

alkimia2012, posted on August 2, 2015

Beautiful, thank you guys...

Candrews, posted on July 27, 2015

I got this movie part way thru, because this is my life right now. Very true, the memories are left, but not the person, not the life

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