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Meetings with Remarkable Men

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Meetings with Remarkable Men (1979)

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This newly remastered director’s cut of Meetings with Remarkable Men tells the story of G. I. Gurdjieff and his search for hidden knowledge and inner growth, based on his book by the same name. The movie follows his journeys through Central Asia as he discovers new levels of understanding through music, dance and near-encounters with death.

As a young man exploring ancient ruins, Gurdjieff discovers scrolls confirming the existence of a brotherhood long thought to be extinct. He begins a search that leads through unforeseeable hazards and finally to a school where he learns to bring together all the principles of an esoteric teaching.

The film, directed by Peter Brook, was made on location in the forbidding, rarely photographed mountains and deserts of Afghanistan, and has been widely acclaimed for its unique visual beauty. Throughout his career, Peter Brook has distinguished himself in the genres of theatre, opera, film and writing. He has won multiple awards.

To watch Peter Brook speak about his decision to revisit his film more than 30 years after its creation, see Peter Brook on Meetings with Remarkable Men

Dragan Maksimovic, Terence Stamp, Mikica Dimitrijevic, Athol Fugard
Peter Brook

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LAURAB7, posted on May 30, 2016

I agree with what has been said. I was struck by the Prince's comment at the end: something about making up for lost time. I hear this a lot from people: regret for one thing or another. It's time to deepen our understanding of forgiveness for ourselves. His comment was a mirror for me. That's another reason why we need others: to be mirrors! To see in others what we need to heal in ourselves. As we deepen forgiveness, this will also disappear. Neal Donald Walsh writes in Conversations with God: God does not forgive because there's nothing to forgive! Ho O'ponopono: everything is perfect. But we have to get to this Truth thru the journey. With modern technology, we can do that from anywhere! The physical journey is just a metaphor, the real journey is to the Center of our Being!

DavidJ16, posted on May 27, 2016

A very engaging dramatization of his beginnings for anyone interested in Gurdjieff. An intriguing glimpse into the practices of the Dervishes. Sensitively executed. Haunting music.

bodyelectrician, posted on January 6, 2016

Beautiful movie..deeply profound simplicity.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on May 24, 2016

We appreciate your review of the film!
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figureone, posted on December 5, 2015

visually beautiful, wonderful music, and movement....

ourtv, posted on January 4, 2015

traceyascottnicholson, posted on October 2, 2014

Recently read a book by one of Gurdjieff's followers and wanted to know more about the direction of life he moved in, then found this film on Gaiam tv. Wonderfully intriguing film about following one's spiritual pathways to find what you are looking for with those enlightened guides who help us on the way. The dances and music from beginning to end are beautiful and leave you wanting to know more...

JanetO, posted on August 20, 2014

I enjoyed the vision of the guru under the tree that looked as if he was floating. I thought it was profound when he entreated Gurdjieff to give up his breathing practices (as if concerned that Gurdjieff would think to improve upon the perfection of nature). How often do we seek to control what is already the way it should be.

rebecca.rafferty, posted on August 4, 2014

I like the movie

MARGOK 2, posted on June 29, 2014

I read the book Meeting with Remarkable Men, over 40 years ago when I was studying Gurdjeff and Ouspensky and Sufism intensely. I love the way this movie is made, I love everything about it, the superb acting, the slow tempo of everything, the colours, the choreography, the choice of music, dances, dialogue, the accents, it is so real and takes one back to how things were a century back. I myself had such an experience about 20 years ago when a mysterious Indian Yogi appeared in the middle of Zurich where I had my counselling practice at the time, he was collecting money for his ashram back in the Himalayas, and he spoke my mother's name which threw me back in total astonishment. My mother born in Damascus of Arab Greek parents, had a French name. How did he know that? She had died a couple of years before that. I was just as astonished as this Russian Prince was here and the Yogi was as mysterious and peaceful and smiling just like this one here in this movie. Absolutely amazing. I could watch this movie again and again. Beautiful. Anyone who enjoyed this movie would also enjoy the movie Baba Aziz!

VincentG, posted on June 28, 2014

in this beautiful film experience is the absence of possessions as Gurdjieff moves forward in his quest through many lands and much distance. All is provided for in his universe; as eluded to in an earlier comment about our guides showing up as needed. Now I know this is but a minor element of the story - one that most likely was not even purposefully stated and developed by the story writers and filmmakers - but it is a theme that has held my attention for several years now. I am also captivated by the slowness and purposefulness of time and action in the time and society depicted. What a most different life! I am very grateful to have experienced this story. I will be looking up some more information on this man who I have been somewhat aware of, yet never really experienced.

MorganaY, posted on June 17, 2014

This is my first film from you as I just joined Gaiam TV. Brilliant!! Thanks much. Looking forward to many more.

mickialbert, posted on June 17, 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie in every way. Well done! Fortunate for us, the journey inward is not as fraught with danger and poverty...

longlifeenergy, posted on June 17, 2014

Meetings with Remarkable Men is a very deep movie which I enjoyed very much. I especially love the beginning where the musicians are having a sound vibration contest in the mountains. But the thing that struck me the most is how far one used to have to go to get information. For example the scene where the lady was plucking the strings of a harp to understand how sound vibration affects plants! Nowadays all you need is an internet connection to discover most if not all the knowledge that the characters were seeking, thanks to the generosity of all of the people who share information online, including Gaiam TV. I am truly grateful to be living in the information age! It's all there at our fingertips if we only know what we are searching for. Some of the timeless messages stood out to me like: if you discover your true self then you need not fear the devil or god, and the message that if you just keep focused on your desire, putting one foot in front of the other, your guides will inevitably show up, and also the fact that one person seeking alone will never get very far. We need others to help us along in our journey. Two or more focusing on anything is at least twice as powerful and effective as one! Thanks for making this movie available worldwide.

dryrot, posted on June 16, 2014

GaiamTv is the best for general all around knowledge. The deeper into the many peoples work we go the better we understand the earth/cosmos and our part with the interactions we must have. ThankYou for your co-ordination of the people and timing.

oscar.z.2014, posted on October 23, 2016

Bravo !!!! Bravo !!!! I really enjoyed this movie !!!!! the scenery and the genuine costumes and people.....

mbgil, posted on September 28, 2016


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