Mein Schloss (My Castle) Video
Mein Schloss (My Castle)

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Mein Schloss (My Castle) (2012)

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Mein Schloss begins in Los Angeles where Amy decides to find out the truth about an ancient family legend. According to the legend, Amy will one day inherit a medieval castle in Germany. In this first-person documentary, Amy travels across the United States and through Germany to meet with family members and historians who reveal more information about the legend.

On her quest to find the truth, Amy is met with a surprise about this “magical castle” of her childhood dreams. The story reveals a much deeper quest for Amy, who learns more about her family and her past than she ever imagined.

Amy Adler

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mickialbert, posted on November 12, 2014

What a beautiful fairy tale within real life! Excellent story of a family not unlike many many upon this planet. Brave and very open people, all three! Thoroughly enjoyed this! So much feeling expressed in every frame... the old broken castle, the old broken man, the unbending injured mother, the daughter who heals again after reopening wounds of the past. Awe inspiring!

1siriuscat, posted on August 8, 2014

Terrific symbolism of believing in your dreams, there is always a higher purpose that may surprise you!
The family bond in the story was potent, the emotion in the father's eyes in seeing his daughter and ex was breath-taking.
thanks for sharing the story, it sure hit a spark into my own family dynamic.

Sheilah_s, posted on August 2, 2014

Worth a watch. Only 26 minutes--come on--Watch It!

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