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Cosmic Disclosure: The Message for Humankind (July 2015)

Season 1, Episode 1
Available worldwide

There is more going on in space than you can ever imagine. Out of sight, out of mind. That is how the greatest secrets in the history of humankind have remained hidden from the populace. Now, a 20-year insider, Corey Goode, joins David Wilcock in this inaugural presentation of Cosmic Disclosure to reveal humanity’s celestial presence and the details of an extraterrestrial message which conveys details of the coming collective ascension for humankind. This interview was originally webcast July 21, 2015.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock


The Message for Humankind Video
Season 1, Episode 1 The Message for Humankind
The Message for Humankind (July 2015)
Season 1, Episode 1
, 32 minutes
For the first time ever, a 30-year insider has come forward to reveal over 70 years of humanity’s hidden history in space. Corey Goode joins David Wilcock in this inaugural presentation of Cosmic Disclosure to offer an ...
Available worldwide
First Encounter Video
Season 1, Episode 2 First Encounter
First Encounter (July 2015)
Season 1, Episode 2
, 42 minutes
Extraordinary changes are already underway for planet and people, and an alliance of advanced civilizations have come to serve as guides for our collective transformation. Corey Goode recounts when his first encounter with the ...
Available worldwide
Lunar Operations Command Video
Season 1, Episode 3 Lunar Operations Command
Lunar Operations Command (July 2015)
Season 1, Episode 3
, 31 minutes
According to our insider, many people already live and work in bases embedded under the lunar surface. But this is just one integral part of five active secret space programs. Corey Goode discloses five secret space programs ...
Available worldwide
Life on the Research Vessel Video
Season 1, Episode 4 Life on the Research Vessel
Life on the Research Vessel (July 2015)
Season 1, Episode 4
, 30 minutes
How glorious it must be to participate in the epic voyage of a great spaceship capable of traversing the cosmos. At least, that is what science fiction has led us to believe. Corey Goode discusses his day-to-day life and ...
Available worldwide

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bcelestial1, posted on October 19, 2016

I've been interested in conspiracy theories (on and off the planet). I just want to know how St. Corey makes it home at night if he's blowing the whistle on these "syndicates" that have "dealt" with people who have made public a lot less "top secret" information? Is St. Corey and St. Dave protected by the Sphere Being Alliance?

edgarken, posted on October 15, 2016

Not sure where you come up with this stuff. Active imaginations. I admit having a few issues with this notion that the US Navy (the Navy?) has a presence throughout the galaxy and beyond. But here's one I'd love to have you answer for me: How did they come up with the HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS it would cost to do all of these things? And then slip it past the taxpayers. is it that no one noticed thousands of launches of incredibly massive space ships to get billions of tons of equipment into space and out of our solar system? And where did they manufacture all of this equipment? It would require millions of people to operate a space program of this scale. No one talked? Millions and millions of people kept this all secret? Just a handful of people found out about it and talked? And it's not major news? You folks are completely insane. Or, if you're making decent money out of this silliness, you're very smart. If ONE person out there believes even a fraction of this crap I'd be surprised.

otherwise3, posted on October 19, 2016

I'm descended from the US Navy and NATO. This is real. And a few people do talk. The people chosen for these programs to begin with are introverted, quiet, and suspicious by nature.

You must not be aware of at least one of the Hillary Clinton controversies which is that she so-called "lost" billions of dollars from the U. S. State Department budget. There you have it. Every Cabinet-level Department has so-called "lost" budget dollars, every single one.

I can direct you to a couple of books that have at least as much detail to fill in your logistics and operational questions as this episode has and some even more.

* "Selected by Extraterrestrials" by William Mills Tompkins and Robert Wood. William Tompkins is now 94 years old.
* "Insiders Reveal Secret Space Program & Extraterrestrial Alliances by Michael Salla
* "The Ascension Mysteries" by the host of this program, David Wilcock. The second half of the book in particular.

Binge-watch all seasons and episodes of this program. David interviews several elderly insiders who actually participated in these activities *at the time that they occurred*. In particular he interview William Tompkins and Robert Wood. His interviews with Clifford Stone will break your heart.

Please let me know if you have other questions.

YELENALOPAREVA88, posted on October 12, 2016

to the negative people.....shhhhhhh...trolls man....they are everywhere...shheeeshhhh hush it

bcelestial1, posted on October 19, 2016

Be wary of the NSA trolls! Corey n Dave are the real deal! They even helped a communist South African political party receive funds through their prime time show. All them negative trollers out there need to lay off St. Corey n St. Dave. Because you need to know ;)

tabbietails54, posted on September 1, 2016

if we were warned off the moon after the apollo missions, how did we end up with the loc? just curious.

azgard123, posted on August 22, 2016

Israel, Pakistan To Join Nevada War Games As US Prepares For Large-Scale Space & Cyber Wars

graham.boreham, posted on August 22, 2016

When a person lies and 'creates' memories they glance down to their right. When they lie and place their mind under stress the blink a lot. When people lie they tend to inhibit their body language, to not "over express" because they think this would be seen as exposing them (wrongly). When they feel superior look down their nose at people with their chin elevated. When we're being guarded we cross our arms or legs to 'cover' us as a means to create a subconscious barrier. This guy is lying through is teeth! In every single way. Such a shame, I wanted this to be true.

Crystal Warrior, posted on August 22, 2016

There are tons of ex Military whistle blowers on YouTube (see Project Camelot for one example), all corroborating Corey's testimony.
If you think Corey looks nervous it could be for a number of reasons, being assassinated could be one of them (though he has strong protection from the Light Alliance).
The other is, in the Military especially in those days, they got involved in practices which they would not do in normal circumstances.
Corey said he never wanted to be a spokesperson for the Secret Space Program Alliance but that he was strongly encouraged to be, by the Blue Avians.

urenmarkshane1, posted on September 6, 2016

When a person is nervous they demonstrate different body language than they would if they were lieing.

Not one part of Coreys story holds any credibility because he is clearly fabricating a story. The most interesting thing about eye movement during story creation and lieing is that it can not be controlled.

Some body movements can be movement....chin movement..etc.........but he is not even doing this. His entire manner is completely wrong. A person that is recalling memories and reflecting on his or her past does not act this way.

Whilst i am a believer of the whole ufo topic etc etc................this guy is just living out a fantasy through a vivid imagination.

arlybev, posted on July 2, 2016

This is total bullshit. The "moon" part...

shuhay, posted on June 21, 2016

i was listening to the interview of Corey Goode and David Wilcock on Jimmy Church's Fade to Black radio. and I could easily recognize David' voice but Corey's voice was different from this guy here in the cosmic disclosure. You listen to the radio show. and tell me if i am wrong or not. What this means ?

aquadora, posted on July 1, 2016

he has been going through a higher vibrational diet/spiritual transformation over the past few months, and also in these early shows he is really nervous and dealing with a lot of ptsd still in talking about this stuff. you can really feel it in his voice all the fear and trauma. so glad he is starting to heal and move on a bit.

jshorvath, posted on June 2, 2016

What a jewel of information. From the geopolitical to the mission at hand. This appears to be his opus with regard to the epoch of this monolithic society. What an epiphany. At first I thought it to be hyperbole, but the genesis, while being circuitous was a real transformation, an interdiction of sorts. I would expect some sort of tribunal ultimately...

jshorvath, posted on June 2, 2016

What a jewel of information. From the geopolitical to the mission at hand. This appears to be his opus with regard to the epoch of this monolithic society. What an epiphany. At first I thought it to be hyperbole, but the genesis, while being circuitous was a real transformation, an interdiction of sorts. I would expect some sort of tribunal ultimately...

andrewgoodall1971, posted on June 1, 2016

The plexi glass pads are a 4th dimensional reflection of iPads...iPhones....which are now going to be made out of glass. Where do you think Apple got the idea from? It was "downloaded" to humans interested in receiving that information, which is mostly for tracking purposes and taking photos of your food...or cat.

The false flag events are being driven by a faction of the ancient builder control humanity....the cell phone towers combined with the phones are tracking and surveillence devices....not smart at all.

aquadora, posted on July 1, 2016

the ancient builder race more likely became the blue avians or the triangle head guys. the negative polarized teachers, ie the reptilian/luciferians are the ones controlling us on earth right now (to supposedly provide catalyst to teach us about evil so we have the choice of that path or the positive, right hand path). the false flag events are orchestrated by the orion/reptilians to fulfill the prophecies and bring earth into as much of a negative harvest as possible. its our choice, once we awaken and learn about this, to choose negative or positive polarity and work hard to graduate into 4th density. if we stay asleep, we'll be recycled into another 25,000 years of 3rd density on another planet once this shift is finalized in the next couple years.

these books have a lot more detail...

dj.miss.mixit, posted on May 19, 2016

Hi Corey, I look at you and feel you are an honest, good person. Whether or not these memories are implanted in you or they are real, I know you are telling from the heart. I personally am inclined to believe you. I've been wrong many a time mind you but have learnt not to put too much stock in what is getting said and put more effort into what I am personally doing. But I like what you say. I like the message. There are many humans here who are not psychotic, who find aggression and violence abhorrent. We look at others and see our self looking back. I only hope there are ETs who mirror this and that we all get to hang out and pow wow soon. All the best to every 1 xxx

jshorvath, posted on May 13, 2016

I think it’s easy for us to get caught up in what humans are doing, with all of this talk about the different factions, clans and alliances, both here and elsewhere. But regardless of what we are doing, there are ET's behind the scenes calling the shots in this so-called ‘Grand Experiment.’ We are, after all, like it or not, the ones being experimented upon - the recipients of all of these interwoven schemes.

So in a way, you could say it’s rather like lab rats discussing their plans within the confines of a laboratory experiment – when ultimately, it’s the scientists who are responsible for what takes place.

If and when there is disclosure, it will be in accordance with those creatures of a higher order; specifically those ET's of a higher order than the ones with which we typically interface.

The universe is hierarchal in nature – that shouldn’t surprise us. Within this hierarchy there are always creatures of a higher order manipulating those creatures beneath them. You could say that our gods, themselves, have gods. So on and so forth, throughout the universe.

To what end? Who can say?

Our creator gods are returning for one and only one reason – they cannot further evolve unless/until we too ‘are enabled’ to further evolve. For such is the universe. Through a system called ‘The Strings of Creation’, creators are irrevocable tied to their creation; whereby those creatures, which create must (for their own evolutionary best interest) see to it that those creatures, which they created, or genetically manipulated, continue to evolve along their evolutionary path to higher consciousness.

So within the hierarchy of the universe then, there is this constant which maintains the equilibrium of creation – so that no creatures (e.g., humans) get left behind.

My point here is that I think we need to maintain that larger overview, if we can.

That is to say, seeing ourselves both within this vastly multi-tiered hierarchy within the universe, as well as within this creation/evolutionary cycle in which we inhabit.


syd3, posted on April 14, 2016

Would like to be able to print this frame off the computer; am unable to do so. Any suggestions?

llainiesanderss, posted on April 21, 2016

press the print screen button, open MS Paint or similar software, paste (ctrl+v), save/print

robertmurrayboyd, posted on April 3, 2016

Hello first off please allow me to assure both of you, I have been researching for 40 years and I believe you Corey, my wife and I both believe what you say. We also want you to know Corey, that you can relax in the knowledge you represent yourself well, I know there are always those disruptive types heckling you, but trust us, when we tell you and when I tell you, that we really appreciate you Corey Goode. We both like you and find you genuine. David Wilcock , basically I have been into the law of one since adolescence, so I love you like a brother. Thank you and we are following wisdom teachings, which we also really enjoy as well as Cosmic disclosure and Ubuntu and many wonderful things at Gaia.
We have noticed negative comments and also the affect it has on both of you as ,caring sensitive beings and isn't that what makes us Higher Universal Man. We wanted to take this time in this present moment to acknowledge you both, let you know from two beings that relate to you both on a universal level, that you should be pleasantly surprised at the truly great job you two are both doing and how much we appreciate it, and not just some of the time. All the present moments we can squeeze in. We offer our love and gratitude.

Now to our query "Where is free will?"

Modeled after Jacob Rothschild while having David Rockefeller's speech patterns; Mr. Burns
is a stereotype of corporate America in his unquenchable desire to control the world.

My question to Cory, David and the universe is, if good is strong, if it only takes 7000 people
to make a difference as shown in the Maharishi affect? How come 1% of the evil greedy under_lords rule over us,
subjecting 99% to slavery, where in, the other body of enlightened beings that represent all the good and harmonious
in the world are not living in the reality that they in fact want, or even of their own choosing at all - even though we create our own reality?
This has well been the norm here, on Terra for at least the last 3-500 years? The math doesn't work. How is this allowed
to happen that Higher Universal Man has No free will? I believe that this is the root of why every human feels a sense of unworthiness.

We in fact, do not have, free will.

The sheer numbers of people thinking and the evil doers even if only
10% of the worlds population was aware?

So what is really going on here then? Where is the Maharishi affect?

I suggest we pick a time to unite all aware beings. David, add it to your show. Pick a time, we will follow you in meditation all at once, are you with me brother from another Mother. Say once a week whatever you like. We will change the world.

If benevolent beings star or otherwise, are here and have been here to help us, why is complete genocide of the planet
all species including us the human beings (Higher Universal Man) allowed to be carried out by Chemtrails, big Pharma,
through manipulation and control, brainwashing, poison vaccines, Zeka scam, etc, etc,

Surely if we create our own reality this wouldn't be it, at least not for over 50% if not higher of the population.

We cry out for help only to look up daily and see genocide in our chemtrail skies, we beg of you please benevolent ones,
please with all our love stop them. They are killing Mother. Please don't tell me we need to kill Mother to learn.
I am not creating this reality.

You are our guardians, we are Higher Universal Man, we are loving a better way together.

~ Namaste ~

bryanscrib, posted on March 15, 2016

why have n't their been any disclosures in two weeks?

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 17, 2016

Thanks for writing! You can find all currently available episodes of Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia at this link:

Currently, we are publishing an episode every Tuesday.

workitout.dt, posted on February 23, 2016

Over the years I've become to realize the many truths that are now becoming more obvious because of programs like this. Curious to know what books to start to read on this and other progressive ideas. Any help would be useful. Thanks.

aurafaery, posted on May 13, 2016

I wondered the same thing... I would start with The RA Material Bk 1 (Law of One Series), which in turn has also drawn me to Dolores Cannon's books (Sacred Knowledge; Keepers of the Garden, etc.), as well... :)

ferebetv, posted on February 12, 2016

What were the three "religions" that were created?

wysewun, posted on January 25, 2016

Sorry, I am new to the concepts but I have no blocks at all. I just feel that I need to know where it all fits with the all-loving God concept. Are we supposed to have been created by this highest source? Or is it otherwise. Thank you!

votetrees, posted on January 17, 2016

Corey's guidance speaks to the need for all of us to deepen our capacity for forgiveness and unconditional love as the most powerful form of preparation for the future, cleaning up the fear-based scripts in our conscious minds and opening our hearts to an ever-increasing level of compassion.

This experience described by Michael Jaco, in his book The Intuitive Warrior - Lessons From A Navy Seal - demonstrates the power of love in a war zone: "I would do a mental scan of the area to 'feel' for threats. I had developed an intuitional ability over many years as a Navy SEAL.. that had helped me avoid danger and certain death, both for others and myself, on several occasions.... an overwhelming realization hit me that we were already in an ambush kill zone and within milliseconds of being hit. I had an instantaneous and extremely powerful desire to send out the thought of love... The actual thought of love is a powerful vibrational energy form that can impact your surroundings... I sent thoughts of love out as if every fiber, every cell of my body were sending them out.... When we finally made it back to our compound.. we learned that an administrative group had .. been shot at by a rocket-propelled grenade.. at the exact location where I'd had the incredible impulse to send out love, and within less than a minute after we'd passed through the same area."

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 8, 2016

@VOTETREES, we appreciate your insight, and your support of the series!


andrewgoodall1971, posted on January 10, 2016

I feel the Golden Triangle being is not an actual being but an energetic projection. It's more a message to the auditorium, for each being to align with their loving self. As above so Below....the golden triangle (depending on which direction it is pointing) is urging a reconnection with your divine aspect....imo.

Zoebell543, posted on December 30, 2015

One question for Corey:

When disclosure happens (betting that it might happens soon) what roles do the youthful generation, like teens and young adults would have to impact and change this corrupted system? Also will people who are enslaved by some E.T. factions be freed?

andrewgoodall1971, posted on December 19, 2015

here's a link to what might be the manta craft corey goode mentions

me_osborn, posted on November 22, 2015

The way that you now have the gaia website, it is extremely difficult to get to other episodes of the Cosmic Disclosure program. First, you must select the SEEKING TRUTH heading, then click on the DEEP SPACE category, but worst of all is that you can only select the first episode of the first season. Only after this video begins can you finally then scroll down and click on the SEE FULL SERIES option in order to specify the season and episode that you may want to see. Viewers cannot even know that other episodes are available unless they select to watch the first episode of the first season, which they may not want to watch. I didn't and this prevented me from viewing any other videos. Who made this so complicated and why?


SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 8, 2016

To see all episodes in the series, you can either click the "See Full Series" button, or bookmark the series page:


aldridge.justin, posted on January 21, 2016

I agree ... The website navigation is totally a pain in the .... it is not difficult but definitely not user friendly !!!! it took me 45 seconds to figure it out, but people that aren't computer savy will absolutely have a hard time reaching their documentary thus resutling in losing a customer/revenue!!!!!

mail.di, posted on November 24, 2015

Please make it easier to browse the episodes - or prioritize the latest episode so it shows up early in the listing. Thanks. <3

stacymcardle, posted on December 25, 2015

My only complaint

VL2014, posted on November 14, 2015

I cant believe anyone would give any measure of credibility to this non sense. Clearly people are searching for answers but folks, this isn't it. I can look at his body language and the nano expressions he makes with his face that Corey Goode has fabricated this story. If you watch his face closely its as if he's laughing at the viewer for possibly believing his story. What a hoot

dretta-love-wisher, posted on November 4, 2015

Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in prison before becoming the leader of the Third Reich~~ in it her outlined everything he would do in the future, thus fulfilling his part of the "cosmic bargain" wherein one or a group must make their intentions known to all.

This being so, he was an adept at the black magicks of the Cabal, yet his name is missing conspicuously from thiis narritive. Why? What happened to Hitler?

Jmtoms90, posted on November 4, 2015

Corey mentioned they asked him to study the 22 genetic experiments going on.
Can you please explain more about what Corey has learned on this subject.
New Zealand

stacymcardle, posted on October 19, 2015

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Absolutely awesome. How about 2 a week instead? I can't stand the wait! LOL My new Facebook Cosmic Disclosure / David Wilcock fan forum:

denisegangnier, posted on September 29, 2015

It is common interest that our awakening depends on DNA upgrade and we go from 3 strand to whatever strain we are able to hold the light within our vessels this is what sounds was what Corey was calling manipulation but rather it allows souls to upgrade to greet the already upgraded children that have come in If they are coming in awake ie. DNA intact to higher octaves to their higher dimensional beings than it makes sense the Galactic Beings would support this happening and literally bring us up from the depths of fear slave beings in no shape to support the children in their fields....also how else would we finally come home and support the Earth and the Universes...and ourselves ........a wonderful thing you do and much appreciated that you created videos so awesome!!!!!!

thirdrockwalk, posted on September 29, 2015

I just watched all the David Wilcock Wisdom Teachings. Should I start with the Disclosure series or The Cosmic Disclosure series next? So much information and I'd like to view these in the best sequence.

modderrhu25, posted on September 27, 2015

Hi David,
Could you ask Corey how he came to be involved with the MILAB Program at such an early age? Were they recruiting at grade schools? Did his parents know? How did they figure out he was an empath? I am very curious about this.

brookeandco, posted on March 11, 2016

i would like this answered as well.

TLE56, posted on September 4, 2015

I was a little disappointed for the last few episodes. I want to know more about what needs to be disclosed. This episode seems more appropriate for the Wisdom Teachings information. However, I am very grateful for the information shared by Corey Goode. It certainly requires a lot of courage to speak the truth when the elite do their best to stop the "whistle blowers". Thank you, David, for the interviews with Corey. I look forward to more episodes, especially those like the first four or five of them. David, I enjoy watching your Wisdom Teachings lessons. They are very refreshing and informative. May Divine Spirit bless and keep you both in a glowing bubble of light with love and protection.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on September 15, 2015

We appreciate your comment! This is episode 1, so it may not cover what you were looking for.
You can find the whole series here:


studio1a, posted on August 30, 2015

I think everything seems ok with Mr goode and I appreciate his coming forward and it mostly sounds correct, but when , on another site, he was negative about Obama, I knew something might not be what is seems. Still believe, but I am suspect of a few things. Regardless of your politics, Obama is actually somewhat aware and he his hands are tied re disclosure. He is not the cabal - I don't think they would have him n the cabal - think about it. A higher connected person should know that. Plus it has always been called MiLabs (like mill lab) never meLabs or mylabs. This is very telling and very key - he defends and then changes stories about pronunciations on different sites. Admittedly, Something like ego or something else might be up with the changing, and it is only on that slip. Beginning to become slightly suspect.

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