CMN: Michael Tellinger on Contributionism Video
Michael Tellinger on Contributionism
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CMN: Michael Tellinger on Contributionism (November 2010)

Season 6, Episode 45
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I’ve interviewed a few people in the past who address the need for communities to come back together in a new kind of economy in which we give of our time and our talents, and receive the same from others. In the United States it’s called Time Banking, which is going strong in Madison, Wisconsin, and a few other cities. In South Africa, where there’s a 50 percent unemployment rate, at this moment in the fall of 2010, Michael Tellinger is prepared to put what he calls Contributionism center stage of South Africa’s politics and society. He lays out the platform in this conversation in which he calls for a world without money.

Regina Meredith


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heartsongsemail, posted on February 1, 2016

janegrbovik, posted on January 22, 2016

For some years I have been working on an idea that would holistically support children and adults who struggle with mental health issues / difficulties. I believe these are highly sensitive sentient beings that are truly gifted and being denied their basic rights to thrive. I live in Cornwall and have worked with people have become homeless, children in care, addictions and mental health.
The property I have visualised this happening, is going to be up for sale. I estimate I will need a million to start but I think we could be self sufficient within a year. I'm also looking to do a DVD and book, on "Every Voice Deserves to be heard". This will be a collection of personal stories, paintings, poems, to help awareness of how appalling the support and treatment of the ailing is and how people get through it or don't, as the individual case will reveal. This I hope will make enough money for all the participants to be free from benefits.
The holistic wellbeing centre will offer many activities from meditation to creative therapy groups to exercise to one to one therapy sessions. I want us to rescue animals and grow our own food as well as do a café, looking at The Gerson Therapy Diet, amongst others. Apart from the main house, I would like to set up yurts for the meditation, creative centre and café. This is because we have huge difficulties with the Council and planning permission. This way if they tell us to take them down, we can just dismantle and put it in another place but because they are considered tents, it's a different rules.
Maybe this is the start of something truly exciting. I love that others, like Michael are having these ideas, it gives us hope.
PS. Love Gia
There will be a mediation team, based on Marshals, Non Violent Communication.
I have know so many people who would love to live and work with my idea

tammiecourt75, posted on September 16, 2015

The only reason anyone would believe this answer would not work is an oversized ego and an addiction to power and money, three traits i'm glad to say I do not possess, Its a wonderfull construct and i'm with you all the way, I'm forever being slated for my generosity and apparent foolishness but I've always had the vision that whats mine is yours because I choose to give it xxx

MEwing305, posted on August 24, 2015

This solution is untenable, though I must say that I admire the efforts of anyone willing to take responsibility of answering theses global questions. I must, however, point out the obviousness of his oversight in formulating this social theory. The notion of anyone being answerable at an individual level to the needs of the masses is slavery no matter how you slice it, because it is fundamentally a lie. We are not incarnate to be forced to contribute our gifts to any one, any group, or any outside force, for any reason.
We are here to discover our highest capacities as Hu-Man Beings (read god made flesh) by reconnecting with our personal desire to be the highest, and most authentic, expression of who we are. Everything else is a wonderful byproduct of our path to self mastery.
Do not misunderstand, at some level we all feel accountable to the consequences of our actions in relationship to the whole. But focusing on that notion as the guiding tenants of a "New Earth" society, only recreates a new generation of insecure homogeneous human puppets acting solely out of external pressure to be a "good upstanding member of society". Absolute malarkey!
There is only one system that will serve us moving forward, because it is the one that is intrinsically constructed around what is So.
We will always be the only real governing authority in our lives.
No manner of social coercion, intimidation, or flat out malice can strip away the Truth of free will that was graced to us. In your heart we each know this to be so. As such the only form of governance that will work for us, is one that acknowledges blindingly obvious truth.
You cannot control peoples behavioral choices! Trying to do so is an exercise in futility.
Instead we should aim for a system that facilitates the highest amount of personal liberty imaginable, while simultaneously offering awareness of how individual decisions are impacting the world as a whole. It is up to the individual to create, and recreate, how best to harmonize with the music of The Whole.
This is the only system that would allow everyone to reach their maximum creative potential while also coordinating this organic process into a synergistic web that benefits all life. After all this is the specialty of the Natural world.

taovag, posted on March 17, 2016

I think you should perhaps admit that you have no idea whether this social paradigm is tenable or not. People do and will organize into communities and the elimination of money is a blindingly obvious step in the right direction from where I'm standing. If you don't see how our monetary system suppresses all the technology we need to adapt and thrive on this planet your simply aren't paying attention. The people who's shoulders the world is built on who contribute their physical well-being to the manual labor tasks in our society deserve to have their contribution valued equally among all the other essential and undervalued tasks in society. Equality will never be possible in a rigged monetary system. I'm sure it's very difficult to see the viability of this model for many, many people which is why it is so important that a community or town of people demonstrate this model to those with a lack of vision. If you see a better way put your money where your mouth is and put it out there for people to use. Autonomy seems justifiable existentially and is an extension of our egotistical orientation in the west. However I believe a collective autonomy is much more profound, in which every segment of society is empowered to the utmost with all of the best things society creates. In this way any part of society can extend or duplicate itself if and when such a need arises. This is an extremely practical paradigm for surviving any earth changes. I think the contributionism model could and should be enhanced by the voluntaryism perspective written about by Larken Rose which seems to describe more of what you posted about. He elucidates upon how personal sovereignty and personal responsibility in tandem with a non-aggression principle would be an ideal foundation for a compassionate human society. In his model we can't and shouldn't empower another segment of society (government/corporations) with superhuman rights we ourselves don't possess, i.e., to extort(taxes) and to kill and incarcerate indescriminately.

nerolink, posted on May 5, 2014

The build up to the 2014 election is upon is. Its time to change South Africa around!

dumitru, posted on September 8, 2013

He says that people hate their jobs but they do it to make money, so take away all money and people will do their jobs because they want to. He says nothing is going to preclude you from doing what you want. Then he says that people will have to (be forced to) do what they are good at. If this sounds like a contradiction, he clarifies it by saying that absolute freedom will be gained by absolute control. That is right out of George Orwell’s 1984: “slavery is freedom”. He says we will have to get rid of the control group that controls through money, but this will be replaced by another control group that controls you for the good of the whole. Sounds like Animal Farm. And that’s just what communism said. He said it’s not communism because communism ran on money, but ignores that communism was also sold with the same bait of: to each according to his need, from each according to his ability, again controlled by someone else. Except this time he improves the bait by saying you can have whatever you want for free and live where ever you want. He doesn’t explain how 6 hundred million people are all going to get to live in the choice areas of the country. He says the children don’t belong to the parents, which is another communistic idea. He makes many contradictions such as everyone will have to work, then saying you won’t have to work, but you’ll get so bored of not working, you’ll want to join all the happy people that are working, completely ignoring the fact that in a society where everything is provided for free, a lot of people will want to spend their time playing. He says that the 5,000 shoe factory workers will become 5,000 individual shoe makers, ignoring the fact that he just said they hate their job. He says everyone will need to learn how to grow food and then says of course only a few people will learn how to grow food, because you will only do what you are interested in. He says “I love baking bread, so I would be the baker”, ignoring the fact that baking bread for your family once a week is a lot more fun that baking bread for the whole community 8 hours a day 5 days a week, because people want bread. He says crime will vanish because if you want a new TV just come and get it, ignoring the fact way more people like watching TV than like making TVs, or that like mining the ores or drilling the oil and making the plastics needed to make TVs. He says all the cruelty and abuse in the world is because of money, which is just ridiculous. A great majority of people have money without becoming cruel or abusive. What he ignores is that as long as you don’t have freedom and you have a controlling group, that people who like to control other people will gravitate to that ruling elite. That is where cruelty and abuse come from. That is history, over and over again, paved by many of the same sort of promises he is making. Then Regina says that everyone in their heart wants this kind of system. I don’t think so.

jaspeadariel, posted on August 24, 2012

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