CMN: Miko Peled: For the Good of Both Nations Video
Miko Peled: For the Good of Both Nations
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CMN: Miko Peled: For the Good of Both Nations (February 2012)

Season 8, Episode 6
Available worldwide

Miko Peled, author of The General’s Son, discusses the reasons why Americans know so little about the reality of what is going on inside Israel and Palestine.

Peled, is a born Israeli who served in the Israeli military. He became aware of the truth of the Israeli brutality against the Palestinian’s and has devoted his life to correcting this injustice. As an Israeli he was raised on the Zionist ideal of a Jewish state, and knows how hard it is for many Jews and Palestinians to let go of the idea of an exclusive state.

Regina Meredith
Miko Peled


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nicole.lafleurdunil, posted on March 15, 2015

I appreciate very much this interview. I have lived in Israel for 3 years over 30 yrs ago and witnessed the injustices made to the Palestinians. I had friends from both the Israeli Jews and Arabs. I noticed the Arabs are not very good at marketing themselves, or their beliefs. When I mentioned to them something I had discovered about them, if it was true, they would say: 'You know the truth'. If it wasn't true they would say nothing. They never tried to convince me of anything. They allowed me to discover by myself, unlike the Jews who immediately put all the blame of their problems on Palestinians. I have found the Palestinians to be most hospitable and compassionate and understood why the Universe arranged for these two nations to be brought together. When the majority of Jews, after much suffering from the progrons in Europe, first arrived in Palestine, they strongly needed a kind shoulder to lean on and be consoled and it is so unfortunate that they did not see or refused to see the kind hands the Palestinians were offering them. On the contrary, they assisted in taking over the country and oust its permanent habitants in any way possible. Most of the land in Palestine was stolen unjustly and after having done that how can they look into the Palestinians' eyes and not feel they they have wronged them. Jews have a heart too and don't want to do harm and it's not by denying their wrongdoing that it will just go away. Is this why they refuse to discuss anything in anyway about the sharing of that prized piece of land?

AshmoreMY, posted on November 20, 2012

So interesting to hear a "different" side from the US Media. I'd love to hear some other interviews similar to this (or a follow-up).

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