Beyond Belief: Missing 411: Part 1 with David Paulides Video
Missing 411: Part 1 with David Paulides
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Beyond Belief: Missing 411: Part 1 with David Paulides (August 2015)

Season 4, Episode 41
Available worldwide

David Paulides presents facts surrounding several cases of people who went missing in national parks; cases which have left every investigator completely confounded. He explains that every year an increasing number of people disappear in the national parks. Any clues found at the scenes defy logical explanation for the circumstances surrounding the vanishings. This interview with George Noory was originally webcast August 12, 2015.

Dave Paulides spent over twenty years in law enforcement and senior executive positions in the technology sector. He holds two degrees from the University of San Francisco and is the author of the Missing 411 books. This book series has been vetted by some of the best Search and Rescue professionals, investigative journalists, radio and television hosts and print journalists from North America.

George Noory
David Paulides


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shawnhansen74, posted on August 19, 2016

I didnt know George interviewed Kurt Russell! lol. Boy, if they were gonna make a Hollywood movie about David Paulides, I think they would have to have Kurt Russell play Davids part!!!! lol

lisajane15, posted on October 19, 2015

Was wondering when the Missing 411 part 2 will be featured. Very interested to see it!

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on October 19, 2015

Thank you for your comment! Part 2 will be featured on Beyond Belief this week. Watch for it on the page here:


Shyann1, posted on October 6, 2015

I will bet that oneday, just as those people came out from the mothership on top of that mountain, in Close Encounter of the
Third Kind....All those missing pilots, etc.. Thankx for the 411 George and David

rita.sullivan, posted on September 20, 2015

Just saw a film last night by chance on TV called Left Behind. Exactly the same scenario although worldwide and in massive numbers.
Then, by chance, I see a George Noory interview, not sure what it's about and bingo,. Wonder if the film
was based on the work of David Paulides?
Riveting. Fascinating. Noory you're a gem. Really.

moniqaf, posted on August 22, 2015

Wow! this is an eye opener because i usually stayed at these parks whn traveling cuz they're cheap and watched by park rangers but now i'm gonna think twice before i do that ever again!

jason86, posted on August 21, 2015

Abductions to supply sex/slave labor and trading for technology with negative ET/ED. Cory Goode mentioned this exact program on Cosmic Disclosure about the Cabal using these abductees for trade in the SSP. It would be amazing if you could bring this information together and update us. Love and Light

georgemiller, posted on September 5, 2015

this is the first thing that came to my mind too, there's also been mentioned that rogue, e.t.'s do hit and runs on our planet.....

23Window, posted on September 3, 2015

Yes, I too made the connection and sent David P. an email letting him know about the correlation and to get in touch with Corey and David Wilcock for more info. The US Forest Service seems to be actively participating in the coverup, at least the higher ups. You wonder if they are the ones who notify the abductors who exactly is coming into that parks. My theory is that these people who are taken are probably vetted for something they go through and the ones that do not cooperate get tossed back down here. Or, something is removed from their bodies and they are tossed back to earth. Whatever entities or people are doing need to be brought to justice. Hopefully, with disclosure this will happen.

jason86, posted on September 7, 2015

Thank you so much for helping bring this to light!! So nice to be communicating and working with like minded souls. :D

lisajane15, posted on August 17, 2015

What about walking into another timeline. Portal

finshur, posted on August 16, 2015

So glad we got it funded , and made the the 150k strech goal.
Had off to Dave P. and Co.
Can't wait.
Fellow Kickstarter Backer

jacques.mulder81, posted on August 17, 2015

which doco did you help get funded ?

willowandquinn, posted on August 16, 2015

I live in the Mt. Shasta area and I believe in the mysteries surrounding this area, including disappearances. This show had the potential to really expose facts about the missing people, but only referenced a couple of incidents. I just wish that Mr. Paulides had given us more information about specific cases. Worth watching, but will make you want to find out more!

IamColm, posted on August 15, 2015

In listening I could not help but remember the myths of tribes in the Mt Rainer area who consider Sasquatch to be trans-dimensional beings that can travel into and out of the dimensions we perceive. Myths include tribe members being taken and even taught.

philmcnamara40, posted on August 15, 2015

Is there evidence that these people are being taken for pedophilia or food for some unknown species or are they being taken for ET experiments or government experiments?

JMSMITH1, posted on August 13, 2015

I realize this info has been around for a while but this interview is the first time I've encountered it. I'm shocked and horrified to say the least. The portal story he told about the Colorado hunter seems the most likely explanation. But why were some people's clothes found neatly folded? What a mystery! I look forward to the documentary.

abby6, posted on August 13, 2015

In the 1970s the Soviet State (USSR) complained all the intellectuals were going to Israel. Corey Goode says they are abducted to Mars and brainwashed/told that Earth was destroyed in a cataclysm.

jasonjduke, posted on August 12, 2015

I don't think I've seen George so frightened. Or was that me?

truthisinhere, posted on August 12, 2015

Unfortunately his books are listed for sale in the $100.00's of dollars.

JMSMITH1, posted on August 13, 2015

All of his books are available for $25 each through his website

dretta-love-wisher, posted on August 12, 2015

Check to see where these park officials live. Are they living beyond their income? If so, they could be cutting deals with black market people, international slave trade. They could tip them off on where candidates would be going, having casually asked as they entered the park.

abby6, posted on August 13, 2015

black market body parts from homeless camped in park is one possibility; the national parks are not US property anymore is another possibility.

i think it is a portal

holbrooks2013, posted on August 12, 2015

Maybe the missing people are ending up in Mars colonies, maybe some are being "harvested" for their knowledge or genetics.

dragonwchimes, posted on August 12, 2015

When David mentioned the acceleration of disappearances, I got chills. In the past few months, we have been experiencing disappearances of people, especially young adults. A while ago, on a busy road outside of a major city here, a young man in his early '30's disappeared and has not been found since..his car was on the side of the road, in perfect order, his wallet, phone, everything left on the seat and no sign of him. A few miles from my place, a young 2 year old boy disappeared off his property in a small village here at supper time. Since the provincial police are in this small town, a search was called in immediately with scent dogs and a special tracking unit of police, they searched every inch of the property and outside the town into the deep woods, at 11 pm they found the unconscious body of the little boy in a water filled ditch a few feet from the house that had been thoroughly searched. He had head injuries and had been in the water for hours..he died the next day at the hospital. Too many weird things going on...

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