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Monster Salmon and Butterflies

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Monster Salmon and Butterflies (2010)

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Genetically engineered crops are already in the food supply, and now the race is on to develop and market genetically modified livestock as well, including salmon, which are being engineered to grow twice as large as normal salmon in half the time. Critics are alarmed at the lack of independent research and testing for the longer-term risks to both humans and animals.

Bio-engineered crops and animals can represent huge profits, and whenever large sums of money are involved, there is usually an abundance of hurry and an absence of caution. There is also an abundance of industry-sponsored researchers and a much, much smaller percentage of independent scientists looking at genetic engineering. Moneyed interests hold sway with politicians, and so efforts to at least require labeling have been thwarted so far. As such, the public interest is poorly represented, and so humans are sentenced to become unsuspecting guinea pigs in a big-money game.

The filmmakers look at the history to date of genetic engineering with the many failed experiments – experiments on mice, sheep, pigs and cows, to name a few – and the unanticipated side effects. Fears abound about GM animals escaping containment and merging with the wild population, with unknown consequences. In a properly functioning democracy, such risky experiments would not be undertaken without the informed consent of the people.

Bertram Verhaag

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Colescottpa, posted on June 23, 2016

I watched this last night and wilcock's disclosure video on A.I,With William Henry and this morning at sun rise when I receive intuitive updates this startling relavation:The goal of GMO corporations is to patten gene modification for profit(maximize growth in the shortest period of time) and to eliminate competition . In the video we saw how in fish and crops(soybean ,corn and cotton) that improving them??????? Could damage or distroy potentially 700 species where only 4 or 5 predatory targets were originally their goal! what is being overlooked but was mentioned by Corey Goode is this has already happened in much grander scales all around the Galaxy! If you have been watching and reading and paying attention their was millions of years ago a builder race here in at least 50 star clusters who by the was were larger(70-100 ft. Tall and so technically advanced that they connected their minds to a collective hive and by the way built a hadron collider out of Saturn to protect their superior (friends who were probably paying 10 to 30% due to heighten fear and deception to their NSA who of coarse were their religious and political leaders or GODS,) We can now see how well that turned out:the destruction of super earth and the creation of the asteroid belt and the relics that remain (our earth bent over wobbling at 23degrees with frozen poles and extreme weather that we accept as natural and Gods intended plan! I hope Gaia.monitors actually do follow and read these comments because this disclosure is decisively important to our survival! we all know or should realize that we are GMO human beings and that we have systematically exterminated former natural indigenous species exactly like the fish experiments showed and in fact according to the terra papers and the bible we were created sterile and due to the snake in the garden we obtained the knowledge (of good and evil to procreate)and somehow escaped into the wild and evolved! and by that I mean we were larger and more aggressive and developed technology(weapons and tools and profitable industry/lordship over inferior worker class beings to serve the chosen ones or more recently termed the first order or even New world Order! Now if you are partially awake and paying attention maybe you can see the writing on the wall/the cave paintings/petroglyphs left behind by extinct former species of gods landing and bearing gift and false Idols/Glass beads in exchange for Manhattan, or Roswell crashes where they become openly our alliances, Trinkets in exchange for our cooperation/souls! ONce you make a deal with the devil or the mob (organized crime /cabal and they give you an advantage (weapon like the arc of the covenant) over your completion or adversary you become their slave and in for a penny in for a pound it is like an addiction (once you get a taste it takes you over until you self-destruct! William Henry just stated this about the dangers of AI and so did Goode and Wilcock but evidently they haven't seen the big picture that this has already occurred several times and we are in the middle of an evidently recurring cycle right now! We are the G.M.O. Fish out to be bigger and more sexually attractive and to eradicate the native population who aren't contaminated yet)!and as a side note when you read the Sumerian text the annonocki wereLarger and superior to native humans(lived longer and were technologically more advanced/had AI and our women wanted /preferred to mate with those Gods! We now all worship those GMO gods as our creators and all of our religions are based on exactly that ( the story of our DNA/GMO alteration by a farmer race out to maximize profits and use us as slaves to achieve their agendas! so now the alien agenda appears/rape earth and it's inhabitants/obtain the highest profits and then exterminate the experiment or allow it to self implode according to it's programmed AI agenda!

janegrbovik, posted on June 18, 2016

The money and energy that is wasted with, for, on, about GMO, not to mention the experiments. How can you get a holistic successful result when you treat animals, fish and creatures, like that. The rats had completely inadequate environments as did the fish.
A good documentary, I especially liked the lawyer, Andrew Kimbrell and the work he is doing and very aware of the treatment and cruelty of animals.

TiffanyB@Gaia, posted on June 20, 2016

Thank you for your feedback! <3


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