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Monumental Mystery
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Stranger than Fiction: Monumental Mystery (1998)

Episode 7
Only available in Canada, United States

Stretching across South America are the remnants of advanced civilizations now long gone. The construction of these monuments, from the Nazca Lines to Machu Picchu, remains a marvel to modern engineering. We may find clues as to the origin of these wonders hidden in the writings of the cultures that occupied them.

Could it be that a group of wandering teachers from Atlantis visited each of these civilizations and instructed them on the construction of their impossible cities and monuments? Or were these amazing structures already there?

Nigel Pegram
Brendan McDonnell


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kickers02, posted on April 14, 2014

I believe Graham Hancock, Has much more credibility than the people in this documentary, Please do your home work, wake up. Russ

ta2joe7, posted on December 29, 2013

I have been researching the claims made by Hancock for quite a few years now. Somewhere around 15 years at this point......i've read the books written by a few of the "ancient alien" believers, i've watched lectures by most of these researchers if not all of them.......i've seen documentaries by Graham as well as his detractors. I've watched both mainstream documentaries trying to debunk his research as well as independent documentaries supporting them. I always find it interesting that the mainstream documentaries that "debunk" Graham's claims almost always EXCLUDE HIM from their documentaries. Even though Graham is more than happy to offer his point of view. I also have noticed that they ALWAYS only offer SOME and NOT ALL of the evidence that he sites For his opinions. They EXCLUDE the most important evidence that supports his claims and that is the evidence that has been uncovered by GEOLOGISTS. The debunkers NEVER use any evidence other than "ARCHEOLOGICAL"......they also Carbon date only what they have found at the site that is ORGANIC. Stone can't be carbon dated. Only organics can be, they find bones there or pottery or whatever, and they automatically assume that that means the owner of the pottery or bones must have built it. When you look at erosional features of rock......and they type of rock, then it's possible to have some idea of how long water takes to erode that rock under those conditions and then you have a rough idea of how long that structure has been eroded. Especially in the case of the SPHINX! there are erosional features on the sphinx that point to alternative dating. AS well as astronomical evidence that REPEATS AT ALL THOSE DIFFERENT SITES....that somehow, they almost ALWAYS NEGLECT to mention .......I ALWAYS notice that Graham as well as his peers that support him, ALL, always include the opposing arguments.......which i cannot say about his detractors.

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