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Moon Views

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Moon Views (2008)

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Filmmaker Jose Escamilla colorized black-and-white Apollo photographs that contain anomalies. Using a palette of Earth color, Escamilla was so excited by the results he was getting that he decided to colorize many of the most famous Apollo photographs that reveal structures, domes and many more anomalous features. It would be three months later, in February 2009, before he discovered the existence of true full-color photography of the moon.

Jose Escamilla

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glenndbennett, posted on October 23, 2016

Some small odd shapes that could be 'something of interest' but I didn't think it was overwhelmingly conclusive evidence about life on the moon. Having said that...I still think there are things about it they're not telling us and I would welcome someone investigating the hexagonal shape at the bottom of Saturn?

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