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Mother Ghost

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Mother Ghost (2002)

Only available in Canada, United States

Keith Bennet’s mother passed away a year ago, and he feels like he has moved on with his life, until one morning his mother’s jewelry shows up on Keith’s bathroom sink – the same jewelry she was buried in.

Keith tells his wife Karen, about the jewelry and that is the last straw. She claims he is distant and has shut her out. Now he thinks he is seeing things that aren't there and if things don't improve, she will take their only son and leave.

Forced with the ultimatum, Keith launches himself on a day of reclamation. Keith winds up on the phone with a popular radio psychiatrist who guides Keith through what he cannot see on his own. Keith discovers a new man and a new attitude.

Several people are listening to Keith's plight on the radio and are making changes of their own. Is this dead visitor all in Keith's head or is she truly a Mother Ghost?

Mark Thompson, Kevin Pollak, Dana Delany, Jere Burns, Charles Durning, Garry Marshall, James Franco, David Keith, Joe Montegna
Rich Thorne

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m.crandles, posted on August 22, 2016

This was such a heartwarming film and the acting was superb. It left such a wonderful feeling in my being.

jbrand1997, posted on March 24, 2016

All star cast and great acting. Very moving. Thank you!

joxyjules, posted on March 23, 2016

What a well written, well acted film! Still wiping away tears...

northernraven, posted on March 7, 2016

Thanks for the reminder that we cannot ignore what we miss in our hearts. Connection, love and forgiveness and the courage to let go with peace. Thank you Gaiam.

greyoak, posted on October 30, 2015

Very heart-warming and emotional movie (in a wonderful way). If I could give this movie a 10-star rating, I would.
My hat's off to everyone who created, produced, directed and acted in this movie. Well Done!

eychambers, posted on January 9, 2015

Excellent! Five stars.

lonajones, posted on January 2, 2015

Best movie ever seen on Gaiam TV!!
Beautifully acted and filmed!!
Thank you!!

Zodana, posted on December 7, 2014

Mark Thompson was 'everything' in this movie, powerfully heart wrenching. The death of a mother whether you are prepared for it or not comes with a complexity of emotions and feelings, this movie hit home with some of that. Well done, bravo! Thank you! I cried my eyes out...

carolynshaven, posted on November 30, 2014

I'm bloody well pissed. About 5 mins. into the movie it clicks off. My dues are paid,What is the problem?

EnchantingScents, posted on November 30, 2014

Very touchy. It really touched my heart & soul so deeply. In this month of November 2014 I loss my first 8 to 10 week grand baby. So, much I wanted to knit & crochet for my 1st grandchild, the things I wanted to share, hold her & love her. At the end I thought at least I had a chance to enjoy her even for the first & last two weeks of her life "My Peanut Angel Cabrera," leaving home to Heaven. Even though it relates to forgiveness, It also, relates to missing a love one. Thank you, GaiamTV.

SHEILAM5, posted on November 1, 2014

Very moving and well done. Little slow in the beginning but more than made up for it later. Thank you to the movie makers.

chekeshayo, posted on July 9, 2014

What can I say that hasn't already been said? Thank you so much for this incredibly honest and transparent story that I am sure many of us can identify with. Hopefully it will touch someone who needs to forgive a parent either living or dead, so that they can free themselves to get on with their lives.

deena.mtrising, posted on June 21, 2014

great movie. Worth watching. Love these sweet stories about life and all its frailties. Thank You Gaiam.

CamilleM.O, posted on April 7, 2014

I am in tears.

This is by far the best movie I have seen on GaiamTV. And I have seen many wonderful movies on your channel.

Thank you for this experience.

metalkwe, posted on January 11, 2014

What a truly down to earth, moving,heart rendering, spiritually uplifting tale. Thank you for this. My Ear phones got unplugged towards the end of the movie and I couldn't wait for it to get fixed. It happened and am grateful I was able to get to the scene I left off on. Thank you Gaiamtv.

Shiite, posted on October 15, 2013

I loved it! The acting was terrific and this was a good story line...

B-health, posted on October 14, 2013

Very touching movie. Many things in here for us all to learn from.

gwinidupu, posted on October 13, 2013

Even though this is fictional, many of us can relate to having unresolved issues with someone who has passed on. The relief and healing that takes place internally by expressing those emotions are immense! This very skilled psychiatrist got to the core of the issue. This healing has a domino effect on all surrounding people.

floydan, posted on October 12, 2013

Truly a story about letting go. I didn't identify, exactly, with details of the story, but it sure showed me the value of letting go!

motherearth, posted on October 11, 2013

Very tender story about a man who comes to terms with his feeling about his parents after having his departed mother's ring appear to him. It wasn't a great story, but a good story and worth watching.

Rachelgarden, posted on October 11, 2013

Good movie, alot of stars in it. Great job Keith was great, loved his humor. Psychiatrist was probably the strongest role and he played it well. So wonderful that it was all through love!!

sjkelley1218, posted on October 11, 2013

was watching for about 30 minutes but then no video showing, just sound. 10/11/2013

jeaninemack, posted on October 11, 2013

A true work of heart.

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