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Multiverse (2009)

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Most of us think in terms of a single reality that we call the universe. What if there are realities beyond our own that are so different that they are almost beyond comprehension. As these realities intertwine into an ultimate reality, they become a multi-verse.

As visualized by creator Danyel Seagan, through his own astral travels, you can embark on a voyage to some of these other realities. This music video is ideal for meditation, relaxation, or as an ambient background experience.


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muchkneaded, posted on May 31, 2016

After watching another Gaia(m) TV video about astral traveling (, which included interviews with William Buhlman (an instructor of astral travel at the Monroe Institute) and a couple others, I was looking forward to learning astral traveling. I purchased one of Mr. Buhlman's books, "Adventures Beyond the Body." In it, he presents 24 "transformative qualities" as an overview of the many benefits of astral traveling, among which are greater awareness of reality, personal verification of your immortality, accelerated personal development, increased psychic abilities, increased desire for answers, realizations concerning death, accelerated human evolution, spontaneous healing, increased spirituality, past-life influences recognized and experienced, accelerated psychological change, obtaining personal answers, face-to-face meetings with some form of nonphysical inhabitant (a being of light, an angel, guides, a loved one who's "crossed over", etc.), increased respect for life, reduced hostility/violence/crime, increased knowledge and wisdom, profound sense of knowing instead of believing, inner calm, increased zest for living, increased intelligence and memory recall; enhanced imagination, and a sense of adventure.

All of these reasons, and more, inspired me to actually learn astral traveling (aka "astral projection"). This video, however, reminded me more of acid trips I took during the 70s! In fact, this video is so "shallow" regarding the information provided about astral travel (i.e. NONE), that it almost DISCOURAGED me from wanting to learn!

Although I enjoyed the soundtrack and most of the visuals, I never ONCE felt like I was "on a voyage to some...other realities."

In other words, I was sorely disappointed at all the "non-information" presented in this video. Be in peace.

ZamRich, posted on May 5, 2014

Well done and very nice..

danyel777karen, posted on March 7, 2014


Terry.Mack1, posted on August 8, 2013

This was nice music and video but I thought it was going to be a discussion on multiverse theory and thoughts within the astral realms. But that's just me...

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