Muscular and Organic Energy Anusara Yoga Video
Muscular and Organic Energy Anusara Yoga

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Muscular and Organic Energy Anusara Yoga

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Explore the pulsation of Muscular and Organic energy to bring you into dynamic balance with Christine Price Clark. Before we can express ourselves to our fullest and most authentic capacity, we draw knowingly into the middle, into our core. From this knowing place, we can extend outwardly more freely and generously. In the asana practice, this Muscular energy manifests as the drawing of the muscles into the core lines of the body, protecting the joints, and cultivating overall strength and integration. Organic Energy expands outward from these core lines to the periphery of the body with radiance and grace.


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strauss5marija, posted on December 4, 2015

Thai was practise that i will come to do again and again,.enought time to b reath and make asana, sthiram and stukham, Namaste thank you Christine.

tinksweeney, posted on December 3, 2015

This was a beautiful practice. The words of wisdom shared, the flow of the poses, and the instruction were all wonderful. At first I was thinking it was going to be a slow class, but it does start flowing and the flow has a deep meaningful way of being challenging. Thank you Christine for a great class!! My body feels more grounded and my mind more clear and that is a good thing at this time of year!! The long savasana at the end was also really nice.

janineeagon, posted on June 21, 2014

Thank you so much for this beautiful practice. Namaste

Khal, posted on February 16, 2013

You can feel a perfect steady Shakti pulsation throughout the video .
Namaste !

hikethesierra, posted on January 11, 2013

This is my favorite morning yoga practice. It begins focused and helps me attend to my body in new and generous ways, so that I'm warmed and ready for the sequences. When I'm done, I feel fluid in my limbs and open in my joints, able to breathe fully and sooo happy. Thank you!!!

pamros, posted on December 25, 2012

Always somethinhg new tl learn.

energiayoga, posted on September 30, 2012

Great instruction! Nice for beginners. An easy, relaxing practice. The jerking & twitching was a bit distracting so I just listened.

VictoriaLouise, posted on September 6, 2012

Thank you - wonderfully calming

peipei, posted on July 4, 2012

Solid Vinyasa flow. thank you so much!

mariavoici, posted on April 6, 2012

insightful instruction - love Christine's calm presence

raja, posted on March 14, 2012

I really enjoyed the class, but I'm confused which way the tailbone is moving in "scoop your tailbone" vs "root your tailbone."

mandyvarona, posted on February 27, 2012

This kept stopping on me... :(

MicheleWetzelHillman, posted on October 26, 2011

Quiet Intense Instruction. You will come away with a better understanding of how your arm bones and leg bones should be plugged in. With this knowledge you can then become internally stronger in each pose. Thank you for these lessons.

Yogateacher2, posted on August 12, 2011

Thank you. Great practice, good alignment cues, and transitions.

Tata, posted on July 10, 2011

I felt so contented, fulfilled and tranquil after this magical lesson - many thanks! Please bring in more Anusara!

MariamMY, posted on June 4, 2011

wonderful! my knee has been bothering me for a few days and it feels much better after this!

kathleenbanville, posted on April 24, 2011

wow that was a very enjoyable practice! i would be interested in more like this.

alunamoth, posted on April 10, 2011

Absolutely exquisite class! It seems to be my pace perfectly!

tinasyoga1961, posted on January 7, 2011

more anusara... Christine, more classes please, some advanced would be fun!

myyogaonline, posted on October 25, 2010

Hi Cutiehots and Anitareich - we do have more Anusara Yoga on its\'s way! Namaste, the team at MYO

cutiehots, posted on October 25, 2010

Thank you so much, this is a wonderful class. I stick to Anusara Yoga, the alignment is so precise, I never injur myself and am I'm to strengthen and balance my weak areas. MORE ANUSARA PLEASE!

anitareich_2, posted on October 24, 2010

More Anusara please

HeartRock7, posted on October 8, 2010

I was able to do half of this and for me that is a major achievement. Wonderful, strong practice. Took me a few steps further on my journey.

synergy05, posted on October 3, 2010

I love the slow controled pace of this practice. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

don422, posted on April 16, 2010

more anusara please!

Yaxier, posted on March 4, 2010

Loved this class. I\'m just getting over a cold so the slow concentrated pace was perfect for me.
Her bridge poses were especially delicious, and beautiful.

Talia_2, posted on December 24, 2009

I could never do bridges as a child. Now, at 23 years old I can do them? The power of yoga is amazing, not only at changing your body but the changes you see in your mind and self-image and what you believe you can do.

jennycat, posted on November 4, 2009

Amazing sequence. A perfect balance of muscular energy and expansion. I would love to see more of Christine. Thank you!!

jaymsian, posted on July 6, 2009

I loved this routine Christine. Thank you!

Gayyogi, posted on June 22, 2009

I love Anusara yoga. I feel so plugged in afterwards. More of Christine and her inspiring and invigorating classes please!

gcapitolo, posted on February 26, 2009

The technique of bringing legs & arms into proper position is something I try to carry into all my other classes. I also really enjoy the methodical way each pose is presented.

gcapitolo, posted on February 19, 2009

I liked the stretches in this class, I haven\'t done a backbend in 20 years and was happy to still be able to get in that pose, hopefully I can work to stay there longer.

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