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Music of the Taters
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Living Successfully with Bob Keeton: Music of the Taters

Episode 47

In his last Richmond, Virginia show before moving to Colorado, Bob Keeton talks with Craig Evans and Brad Tucker of The Taters and plays some of their music, and with medical intuitive Pattie Conklin, his son Paul, Rev. Sally Perry, and feng shui consultant Robyn Bentley.

Bob Keeton
Craig Evans, Brad Tucker, Pattie Conklin, Paul Keeton, Rev. Sally Perry, Robyn Bentley


Episode 1 Higher Self
Higher Self (11/14/2005)
Episode 1
Bob Keeton discusses listening to the higher self with spiritual teacher Jackie Woods, and green building with GreenVisions Consulting president Karl Bren.
Episode 2 Dr. Emoto
Dr. Emoto (11/21/2005)
Episode 2
Bob Keeton talks with author Dr. Masaru Emoto about his study of wate and the correct ratio of gratitude to love
Episode 3 Releasing Old Beliefs
Releasing Old Beliefs (11/28/2005)
Episode 3
Bob Keeton talks with healers about releasing old beliefs and how emotional issues can be the root cause of physical problems.
Episode 4 Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Growth (12/5/2005)
Episode 4
On site at the Adawehi Institute, Bob Keeton discusses personal growth and healthy relationships with spiritual growth teacher Jackie Woods. They take also questions and comments from the audience.

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