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Muslims in Love

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Muslims in Love (2008)

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In a culture where people choose to date, live with a significant other, and move from relationship to relationship to find the right fit, Muslim Americans often need to clarify that their alternative isn't the stereotypical arranged marriage. In Muslims in Love, Mohammad and Ferdaus tie the knot with the aid of friends, family, laptops and cell phones.

Yet, the issues are complex. Michelle, a convert to Islam, frets over the slim pickings of Muslim men. Jameelah, an African American, clashes with racism and double standards. And Zahra, a law student, avoids drama at all costs. She leaves Mr. Right to fate.

For better or worse, this generation of Muslim Americans walks a tightrope between faith and modernity in the quest for their heart's desire.

Zerina Usmen

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mickialbert, posted on July 9, 2014

A very well done documentary. Explanations of rituals/rules for marriage within the Muslim community were easily comprehended. But I must say, it is a very one-sided religion/culture which gives freedoms to men while taking them away from women. I for one am glad I do not have to live the life of a devout Muslim woman. Would like to see a documentary of middle aged Muslim women to see if they are happy and fulfilled. Do they still feel beautiful and hopeful as they once did. Have they had careers and experiences as do the men.

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