Mustang: Journey of Transformation Video
Mustang: Journey of Transformation

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Mustang: Journey of Transformation (2009)

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The Kingdom of Mustang straddles the border of Nepal and Tibet (China). Once a prosperous crossroad for trade, the kingdom became isolated and impoverished after geopolitical realignments closed those routes.

This beautiful documentary tells the remarkable story of a Tibetan culture pulled back from the brink of extinction through the restoration of its most sacred sites. Storytellers include His Holiness the Dalai Lama; the Raja of Mustang; and Luigi Fieni, the chief art conservator. Narrated by Richard Gere.

Richard Gere, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Erica Stone, Norbu Tenzing, Richard Blum, John Sanday, Tsewang Bista, Luigi Fieni
Will Parrinello

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ange, posted on November 7, 2015

What a great film... I was so encouraged and uplifted by seeing the Tibetan culture and spiritual traditions preserved!!! Thanks so much, this gives me more faith in humanity!!!

Frappy25, posted on September 12, 2015

I was completely moved by this touching and timeless tale of transformation. It's examples like this that stand as a testament to what the will of humanity is capable of achieving. Restoring those monasteries without running water, electricity and other modern tools made this a grueling task, but none the less they are achieving their goals. I couldn't help but be moved to tears of joy over this wonderful story. There is power within the human spirit, power to bring about flowing abundance to the whole world.

singingwhales, posted on September 11, 2015

Nice documentary. I wish that they would have put where to send a donation to. I love Richard Gere's support of Tibet.

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