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My Nuclear Neighbor

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My Nuclear Neighbor (2010)

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The nuclear power industry is again hot news as new plants are being proposed and built. Imagine that one morning you wake up to find out your nearest neighbor is a nuclear power plant. This happened to a rural community in Ontario when nuclear power plants were first being built. Now it is happening again, in southern Alberta. We visit them just after the farming community learned that a nuclear power facility is going to be built next door. We talk with the people of both communities to learn of their concerns for health and environment.

Donna Zuckerbrot

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jfreeman, posted on February 10, 2014

The short file does try to present both sides and does a pretty good at it within the time of what clearly was an hour long tv show. It would have been nice to know what the design of the plant that Bruce power was planning to build as some designs are far safer than others. Also, the question of who and what the power is being generated for is raised and then left hangin. Although having some relatives in the electric power industry I know that there is not a simple answer to that question as power can be bought and sold between regional utilities based on need.

jmirving, posted on February 9, 2014

Something of a seemingly objective fluff piece for the nuclear power industry up against a gaggle of "space headed women who just don't get it". Unfortunately this came out before we lost Japan. While this has not happened yet, Japan becoming uninhabitable, it continues to get worse and worse with no end in sight. It seems inevitable that Japan will not be habitable much longer. Then there's Belarus and a good chunk of Europe. Not a word about the million lives lost or cut short because of Chernobyl or the estimated million lives lost or cut short as the result of the operation of the nuclear generators at Hanford or the likelihood of losing most of the Pacific northwest because of the nuclear horror creeping out of Hanford into the Columbia River Valley.

Virtually not a word about the inconceivable amount of nuclear waste already accumulating in highly vulnerable "swimming pools", yeah, right. That is except to say that "they" will "figure it out". Well they haven't figured out what to do with Hanford either and now they tell us nobody (the government) is unwilling to foot the bill. Too expensive! The other missing part of this psychopathic argument is that nuclear power in the U.S. would not exist if the people, who do not want it, were not forced to pay for the construction, the insurance, because no insurance company is stupid enough to insure a technology which could wipe out most of the eastern seaboard, so we the sheeple pay to insure these time bombs in highly populated areas. and finally, forty years down the road, the unconscionable cost of "decommissioning" these monstrosities that have never turned the first nickle of profit. And still no idea what to do with this "hazardous" waste that will be largely unapproachable for the next millions years!

Does the word "insanity" cross you mind?

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