Open Minds: Mysterious Origins of Humans with Raymond Tarpey Video
Mysterious Origins of Humans with Raymond Tarpey
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Open Minds: Mysterious Origins of Humans with Raymond Tarpey (June 2013)

Season 2, Episode 24
Available worldwide

The origin of the human species is more complex than western religion or Darwinism suggests. When we look to ancient and eastern cultures, the legends of Mu/ Lemuria and Atlantis offer an even more complex picture. There are lessons to learn and contracts to fulfill based upon the agreements we made before we were born into our specific theatres of incarnation. Historian, Raymond Tarpey reveals the mysterious origins of humanity and the roles we agreed to before our lives on Earth in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast June 25, 2013.

Raymond Tarpey is a trained historian in Mayan/ Aztec history and spirituality and holds a degree in Chinese History and Language. His extensive research on the spiritual legacies of China, Japan, the Anasazi and the Inca, as well as the Edgar Cayce readings, led him to do major research on the Crystal Skulls and the lost continents of Atlantis & Mu/Lemuria. Raymond also does Mayan Calendar Readings for souls interested in accessing their 'American Spirit Dimension'.

Regina Meredith
Raymond Tarpey


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thatcrazytoaster, posted on March 23, 2016

according to my research. The first beings/entities here were ; fire, air, Earth, water, then plants, animals, humans. Anyone else have something to add? thanks.

meniyka, posted on July 14, 2016

However, he is making reference to the Mayan records. Who can really say though? We'll probably get the full scoop on intrinsic reality when we either ascend or re-emerge into non-physical.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on July 10, 2015

I could listen to him for days. Please have him back, many times.

pat62, posted on February 13, 2015

I love Regina just sayin

thatcrazytoaster, posted on March 23, 2016

Bringing forth truth. Those were the days, when reports & journalist had the pursuit of truth and integrity! Murrow's boys. It will be that way again soon.

Alfreda Weiss, posted on August 30, 2014

I see that I watched this on 6/13. Instead of always looking for the most recent interview, it was so great to repeat because this time I am sure I absorbed more than before. It helps that I try to watch at least one Gaiam program each day. Not only do I escape my other world, I learn so much. Regina and Raymond are two fantastic minds perhaps communicating information we need being planted by the other parts of the universe. Time for me to try to absorb these new concepts from today.

jhbuddha, posted on December 29, 2013

I am as enthralled as a NASA employee when a mission is succsesful. I have not been so enraptured since started my journey to gnosis in the early eightes. Ray Tarpey is like the reincarnation of Joseph Campbell. it is like my mind has been given the flashlight to find my way out of the Jungle. My expierience level is pretty developed but, this made me like a sophmore in college. i'm hungry for more. Great and thanks

impossiblebutterfly, posted on December 19, 2013


flow, posted on November 3, 2013

Great Interview thank you both Regina and Raymond for a beautiful sharing of truth…
Martin Marstrand

lizzie.leclair, posted on October 1, 2013

Thank you, you are a beautiful host. Many blessings...

lightworker444, posted on August 3, 2013

I found this to be very fascinating and would like to learn more from Raymond.

carolburland, posted on July 6, 2013

Regina is the best interviewer I have ever seen. She is so
authentic, so herself, no axes to grind...a very high being indeed.

heykapo, posted on July 5, 2013

Fascinating. I need to research further. Which of Plato's writings refers to Atlantis? Who is Medatron (sp)? Has Mr. Tarpey written any books?

I too joined

Gaiam for the Wilcock series, but I am finding so much more. Thank you, Regina, you are a pro and a pleasure.

dragonwchimes, posted on June 29, 2013

This is the first time I,ve listened to Raymond...luved it, I wished that it would of continued...way too much knowledge!!

civicturbo, posted on June 29, 2013

I subscribed for david wilcock but I found many new people here and I am verry happy. This is amazing information, valuable information. I also recommend Brad Johnson who is an expert in chanelling. He should be here too...

chandira2012, posted on June 29, 2013

Great movie; can not wait for the second part; keep coming.. might even need the third part as there is so much Raymond has to dicuss

eesa, posted on June 29, 2013

Yes yes yes, do this again soon and often. )
Will probably need to watch this a few times to grasp it all - so rich with detail and full of wisdom and insight.

Just keep moving foward here, totally lovely material and excellent company to explore it with!

Puptart, posted on June 27, 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed Raymond Tarpey's interview with Regina! I especially appreciate Mr. Tarpey's insight that cultures with no apparent physical connection and that are separated by vast amounts of time can be very similar because they start with the same intense gift of the senses.
I'm hoping Regina Interviews Raymond Tarpey often. I'm anxious to hear more of what he has to say!

Alfreda Weiss, posted on June 27, 2013

Raymond Tarpey is always a gift. Regina guides him so skillfully because his knowledge is vast.
Please return soon.

FollowYourBliss, posted on October 20, 2016

...totally agree, he's awesome

FollowYourBliss, posted on October 20, 2016

I just love this guy!! ‘Live in a state of wonder.’ Yay, I got that one down :D There are so many amazing, mind blowing theories, topics and subjects to understanding this world and our place in it. This mind of mine is tied to a horse that will never tire. With a teacher as fantastic as Mr. Tarpey is, he certainly makes learning fun and fascinating.

On a sidenote…this is the type of person I would love to see have his own mini-series here on Gaia. The information is so rich, it would be amazing to see him go more in-depth and have all the time he needs to explain/teach it.

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