Healing Matrix: Mystery of the Placebo Effect with Joe Dispenza Video
Mystery of the Placebo Effect with Joe Dispenza
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Healing Matrix: Mystery of the Placebo Effect with Joe Dispenza (July 2013)

Season 1, Episode 34
Available worldwide

The placebo has had profound healing effects on many people. But, do we really need the pill if the healing power is within us? Dr. Joe Dispenza delves into the depths of the mind to reveal the connection between belief, perception, energy fields and the mystery of the placebo, as he explains in this stimulating interview with Regina Meredith, originally webcast on July 17, 2013.

Neuroscientist, chiropractor and author Dr. Joe Dispenza empowers people to change from the inside out. Dr. Dispenza combines the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology and genetics to teach you how to rewire your brain for health and happiness. He has taught thousands how to reprogram their thinking through scientifically proven neurophysiological principles.

Regina Meredith


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Dan12345, posted on June 11, 2014

I wonder if I missed this simple teaching in health class in high school. It could be a great class for a high school student, not just one you might see as a gut.

elizabethmtndancer, posted on June 1, 2014

If you could only watch one show in your life ,this is the one! We're all tuned in to Gaiam tv because of our path of enriching ,and expanding our awareness, well here is the key to expand consciences of limitless possibilities. What more is there? complete freedom from ourselves, and being in no time and space Gods' space

tony14y185, posted on April 5, 2014

Like what he has to say but a BS with an emphasis in neuroscience does not make him a neuroscientist. Neuroscientists are required to hold a Ph.D. in fields such as neurobiology, molecular biology or physiology. You can also earn an M.D., and in some cases, you might need to have both.

JonasK90, posted on September 28, 2013

This man is evidently a genius and the example of the information that he holds is spine tingling. But the thing that amazes me the most, is his pure and dazzling expression. I have never witnessed such rethorical mastery! I find his bodylanguage and enthusiasm in his communication mesmerizing and achieving abilities similar is something i highly prioritise.

I hereby set the intention to obtain rethorical abilities as great as the ones of Dr. Joe Dispenza ;)

Much street credibility, aswell as peace and love
Jonas, Denmark <3

floydan, posted on August 11, 2013

He's really very close but he's trying to explain everything in terms of "science". When he says, "unknown" he's talking about spirit; when he says, "body" he's talking about ego. And we really don't change ourselves, we allow the holy spirit to do it. Notice he did mention," emulate the divine".

cmbrown, posted on July 26, 2013

I just bought his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and it's rocking my world. This gentleman is a genius. Highly, highly recommended.

mayamagic, posted on July 20, 2013

Regina you rock as usual! I look forward to the next comfort zone blowing, pattern scrambling, delusional breaking interview!

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Thank you. You are brilliant and heart felt.

Thank you for not judging Angelina Jolie, you were very compassionate about her choice.

I do have a response to the comment about witch doctors.

There are powerful teachers and healers, living in higher dimension (6,7 and above).

These beings vibrate at a frequency, that when someone of lesser comes in their presence, through entrainment, the person with the lesser frequency starts vibrating. The field for these higher dimensional beings have the ability to bring powerful healing changes instantly or with time.

This has something to do with placebo, because the recipient cannot heal and keep the ailment away for good, if they are not willing to make the change unconsciously and do not believe it is possible.

However, it is not all placebo.

I invite you to seek people who are higher dimensional beings, who have healed their own emotions, so much so that, they are living in a dimension with a different experience.


jennifer horan, posted on July 19, 2013

Dr. Joe Dispenza explains the unexplainable with such passion and CLARITY--he is simply wonderful, and so is Regina! Thank you for this not- to- be- missed episode of Healing Matrix.

mariecava178, posted on July 17, 2013

As always, Dr. Joe delivers above and beyond!!

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