Beyond Belief: The Nephilim and the Future of Humanity with L.A. Marzulli Video
The Nephilim and the Future of Humanity with L.A. Marzulli
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Beyond Belief: The Nephilim and the Future of Humanity with L.A. Marzulli (June 2015)

Season 4, Episode 32
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The arrival of strange beings which intermingled with human beings to create the Nephilim was documented in the book of Genesis. These ancient tales seem to be mirrored in modern reports of alien abduction. L.A. Marzulli draws a correlation between the ancient accounts of the Nephilim with modern alien abductions and extrapolates what is to come for humanity in this interview with George Noory originally webcast June 10, 2015.

L. A. Marzulli is the author of eight books including The Nephilim Trilogy and On the Trail of the Nephilim 1 & 2. His books uncover startling evidence that there has been a massive cover up of what he believes is the remains of the Nephilim. Marzulli is a frank super-naturalist who has lectured on the subjects of UFOs, The Nephilim, and ancient prophetic texts. He has presented his exhaustive research at conferences and churches, as well as appearances and interviews on numerous national and international radio and television programs. Marzulli teamed up with film producer Richard Shaw and together have made 8 films called the Watchers Series.

George Noory
L.A. Marzulli


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wm, posted on November 11, 2015

Wow! This episode was so riveting I found myself on the edge of my chair & replaying certain segments. Both, however, most likely because of socio-cultural habituation & millennia of memes, etc., seemed to give greater weight to The Bible, which has been altered & changed & mistranslated & re-remistranslated so many times I'm preaching to the choir just typing this. The Vedas & other sacred texts of Hinduism, the world's oldest religion with continuity, have a continuity of not just one overarching thread but of many threads, indeed a tapestry of stories. There is much in the East. Not to mention Prehistoric & Ancient Pagan religious beliefs from Goddess cultures to the Celts & Germanics, practices as discerned, however indirectly & even presumptuously, via archaeology & anthropology. Shamanism from the Mongolian steppes to the Amazon rain forest to the North American Great Plains to the Australian Aborigines, Gnosticism, Zoroastrianism, Yazidis, so-called good or positive "real" Luciferianism (as distinct from Satanism), Taoism, Tanta, Buddhist teachings, the list is long. There's Islam including the Sufi traditions. In Islam there's talk of the Jinn. Ancient Hebrew/Jewish texts as well. Again, the list is long. I feel we veer off into problems when we elevate one set of teachings, in this case Judaeo-Christianity, above others, as well as dumbing all down into some equalitarian global super myth. The truth or truths must lie somewhere scattered & fragmented in between & not necessarily in the middle. Any thoughts on this? Otherwise I felt they're on to something. Also, are we falling into the same trap of ignorance as our ancestors when we lump extraterrestrial biological species far more technologically advanced as us into the same categories as gods & goddesses, demigods, angels & demons, golem & jinn? Not to say the spiritual realms, for lack of a yet better term of understanding, are themselves full of spiritual life and consciousness exists beyond biological life and apparently physical matter. Any thoughts & feelings here about these interrelated topics? And to what extent we can use them to better understand what is happening now so we can protect what we cherish and best serve others, indeed to best serve Life?
Thanks, everyone.

yvan.mcgregor12, posted on August 19, 2015

We must learn a whole lot more(PRONTO)
Thank you for this super help

sonmi, posted on July 20, 2015

Base on my personal knowing, what if we humans are made in the image of our creator gods, so how do you "just" make a copy and not the real deal? This human earth farm must be tightly control. We have that original spark from the God? a human can awaken to understand "what" it is that makes us human or god? Anyway if you mistakenly have happen to wakeup, and before you can realize what you are, you will be given implants which keep your body from awakening your abilities, seems like the implants are not long lasting due to the individual gaining more light source. Their must be as many watchers as humans, in the astral dimension.

turner.kate, posted on July 15, 2015

Dr. Steven Greer has pointed out in his research that the negative abductions are done by the military to whip up fear of E.T.'s. The goal is to get the public to agree to funding the militarization of space. I feel our host has dropped the ball by just going along with the Bible based interpretation offered by Mr. Marzulli. Why doesn't Mr. Noory question his guest with all the evidence that Dr. Greer, David Wilcock and others have that counter his thesis? Mr. Marzulli's work seems like "fear porn" to me.

Bioedjc, posted on June 16, 2015

My opinion: It is a huge historical book of mankind.

Bioedjc, posted on June 16, 2015

Check out This man can make people wobble with his mind. I have had this experience. So in light of what he is discussing what is this all about.? The first time i met this guy he had on a T-shirt with a picture of a grey. In his talk he also said we have been duped... He said he could turn on our healing mechanism? He is being studied by several universities. This stuff is really something. Brings up my fear. Any comments would be helpful.

bvb10, posted on June 11, 2015

The DNA is only the antenna the void has the pattern for life it sponteanously erupts....

jldy, posted on June 11, 2015

I find this stuff compelling but I get a little put off when I hear bible preaching! It is good to get all points of view but I do get a little bent when the bible becomes the source of all truth! I believe in God and feel his eyes are always on what is happening !

yisraelah, posted on June 10, 2015

Hi George, I LOVE your show and watch many episodes. I don't know if this relates to the current episode (I have not had a chance to watch yet) I have been trying to extricate myself from a very negative situation in which I was being badly victimized by a couple of sociopaths (husband and wife). Friends who know what is going on are beyond shocked at what I have been through and said if they didn't witness what has happened it they would have difficulty believing it. I have always had a belief that at their core all people are basically good people and hurt people hurt people and I try not to judge them. However; this feels very different and I feel like I am witnessing people who are truly evil. I am a pacifist and very peaceful, loving. The energy field of this couple is extremely negative and toxic. I know the wife has a pretty extensive criminal record. It feels like they are not even human and if I found out they were reptilian I would not be surprised. I am wondering what is going on on a spiritual level and any advice you have to help me get these negative people out of my life. At the moment I feel as though they could haunt me to my grave if I can't do something. What do you suggest and I am wondering if this is something you could address at some point on your show? or if it has been addressed which episode? Thank you!

lauraburnell2681, posted on June 10, 2015

He seems too religiously bent to me....

ladymorosan, posted on June 11, 2015

... but I guess folks like Marzulli try to pave a path of mutual understanding between how "New Age/Spiritual" & religious types see the same issue. It's how folks like David Icke can go on Alex Jones' InfoWars & they both voice their similar concerns about the Illuminati/Anunnaki even though they cater to totally different audiences. Another example is the Celestine Prophecy books: they can arguably be called a New Age interpretation of the Rapture. Then there's the Urantia book - a very New Age tome stuffed with Christian terminology which made it more palatable to the mainstream.

patrick.jeter, posted on June 10, 2015

My gut reaction to this man leans strongly toward a mental health diagnosis.

ZackLMiles, posted on June 10, 2015

Awesome show you have George Noory. So interesting! Just bought the series on Mr. Marzulli's site, too. This is so much better than regular tv! I love it. Love the show. Love you for all you do, too.

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