Reality TV: UFOs: Nick Pope: The Man Who Left the MOD Video
Nick Pope: The Man Who Left the MOD
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Reality TV: UFOs: Nick Pope: The Man Who Left the MOD (2007)

Episode 5
Available worldwide

Nick Pope worked for the British Ministry of Defense for twenty one years. He became known as the Fox Mulder of Great Britain due to his special position as the chief UFO investigator. In this documentary he speaks out for the first time since leaving the MOD and goes on the record to spell out his beliefs, opinions and reveals the scope of his incredible insider knowledge.

In this rational and plain spoken interview, he explains the accounts of different sightings and debunks some of the official reports. It is important to understand mindset of the MOD and all military organizations when it comes to UFO investigations. He explains that accounts of UFO activity should not be dismissed without scientific scrutiny.

Nick Pope, Michael Bourne
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tonybreedlove, posted on May 12, 2016

Thank goodness most films on Gaia are much more respectful of the viewers time and feelings.

jcain23, posted on March 12, 2016

Nick Pope seems to be one of the more competent, well-adjusted, and informative people in the UFO and Disclosure movement. I believe what he says about his background and his current activities. I don't think there's anything sinister about him; he's a centrist in his theories, neither a teller of tall tales nor overly skeptical. He's much like Richard Dolan in that regard.

The film had excellent content, but I found the production values to be pretentiously artsy -over-reaching in its graphics and visuals (I found the music to be an asset). It's possible to overdo the illustrations and warp the mediation that obtains between the appearances of the show and its information. They should have dialed that aspect back a notch or two :-)

moonfire2, posted on March 29, 2014

Very interesting but the music in the background was very annoying

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