Yoga Every Day: A Non-Violent World Video
A Non-Violent World
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Yoga Every Day: A Non-Violent World

Season 4, Episode 5
Available worldwide

Being non-harming includes the earth and all her flora and fauna. This principle can manifest in many forms, such as recycling and not wasting food or water.

Today’s practice with Nichole is seasoned with yoga poses that have earth or animal names to help connect us to the essence of the other-than-human world.



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Available worldwide

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sarah39, posted on September 9, 2016

Um..... I really didn't like how you suggested people purchase humanely raised or ethically killed meat. The act of slaughter itself is an extremely violent act, and there is no way to take another being's life 'humanely'. Eating meat is a complete contradiction to Ahimsa. Additionally, animal agriculture is quite literally destroying our planet. It is the leading cause of deforestation, water scarcity, pollution, ocean dead zones, desertification, and species extinction. 91% of the rainforest TO DATE has been clear cut for livestock and their feed crops!

Please educate yourselves more on this subject by watching Cowspiracy and Earthlings. Thank you.

yogagal123, posted on October 18, 2016

Namaste, Sarah!

I do apologize that what I said offended you, I certainly would never mean to do so. I was a proud VEGAN for 10 years, but a few years ago my health was suffering because of my no-meat diet. It was recommended to me that I try reintegrating meat into my food program to see if I couldn't shift some of the issues that I was having and you know what?...after about three months my health was better than it had ever been. For me, eating meat was something that I had to do, not necessarily something that I wanted to do. I believe that I am very educated on the topic of humane vs. non-humane raising and slaughtering of animals (and I will say that I do believe there is a gigantic difference between the two practices) and also in the environmental impact that factory farming of animals has on our planet. During my years as a vegan/vegetarian I read countless books, attended countless lectures and formed too many opinions on the topic to recall them all fully at this point. I was just as impassioned as you about not killing animals! But after the experience in my own life and in my own body, I came to realize that for some of us eating meat is nutritionally necessary, it is medicine. My choice could no longer be to abstain from meat, but what remained a choice was that I could invest in companies that were treating animals with respect in life and at the time of death...this is all that I was trying to suggest.

All this said, I do feel terribly that I provoked you in this way. I would never want to say anything that stirred up such a frustrated response as this.

Take care, Sarah! Wishing you well and thanking you for your strong voice out there for the all the animals and for the beloved Earth.


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