Nurse Edith Cavell Video
Nurse Edith Cavell

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Nurse Edith Cavell (1939)

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The story of the brave nurse who served the Allies so gallantly during WWI while working with the Belgian underground to aid wounded soldiers. English nurse Edith Cavell works in a small private hospital in German-occupied Brussels during WWI. When the son of a patient escapes from a German prisoner-of-war camp, Cavell aids him to reach Holland and safety.

This leads to Cavell and other locals forming an underground organization to help other soldiers from Belgium, France, and England escape Germany as well. However, eventually the Germans hear news of Cavell and capture her, sentencing her to death by firing squad. There is not happy ending here, but Cavell faces her death with poise, bravery, and honor, like a modern-day Joan of Arc.

Anna Neagle, Edna May Oliver, George Sanders, May Robson, Zasu Pitts
Herbert Wilcox

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jasummers, posted on March 8, 2015

Very Moving
and brave...So glad that they made a tribute to this amazing and God Loving woman who exhibited such amazing selfless service.
God Bless her always!!

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