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Occult America with Mitch Horowitz
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Beyond Belief: Occult America with Mitch Horowitz (April 2016)

Season 6, Episode 1
Available worldwide

Occult historian, Mitch Horowitz explains the role that esoterism and mysticism has played in shaping the culture of America. Since the dawn of the ages mankind has been fascinated by the unknown, the mysteries and the occult, the U.S. is no different. From Presidents consulting with astrologers to the strange symbols which embellish major institutions, the occult has always been a part of American History. This interview with George Noory was originally webcast April 6, 2016.

Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America, is a writer, publisher, and lecturer of many years’ experience with a lifelong interest in man’s search for meaning. He is vice-president and editor-in-chief at Tarcher/Penguin in New York. He has written on alternative spiritual topics for many popular publications and frequently speaks at universities, art spaces, spiritual centers, and public libraries

George Noory
Mitch Horowitz


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cary.chilton, posted on May 25, 2016

more EVIL in being disconnected from being put on hold than in some illuminati hall with pentagrams? Is Mitch nuts?

izzyt84, posted on May 9, 2016

BTW, this guest "conveniently" failed mention, "Donald Trump's mentor" Norman Vincent Peale was a 33rd degree "Freemason!" But hey, it's all good... Read Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogma" for gods sake! In it, he openly speaks about worshipping Lucifer (good guy, aka SATAN}, and how low level Masons are deliberately kept in the dark (unless they're candidates for moving up), and the need for 3 World Wars (all good stuff, man). BTW, Pike (confederate soldier) also was 'co-founder' of none other than the KKK!!! Look it up, Mr Horowitz. "I love the Illuminati?" Maybe cause he's one of them? Sorry, but talk about a flaming "Whack job!"

cipponescharm, posted on April 14, 2016

Hahaha, illuminati formed in 1773, he doesnt know what hes talking about. Go read some david icke!!

annabolinger, posted on April 12, 2016

Almost didn't watch because of the title.
Good info.
Best Wishes

lesliesfarm, posted on April 11, 2016

No satanism? It doesn't exist? Very strange pick, George. How about Jay Parker or Cathy O'Brien? I would like to see this ridiculous man sit at the same table with them.

berstermanjr, posted on April 10, 2016

totally agree with the de-humanizing comment. the put on hold and hung up. dead ends, as it were. edge of hell far as i'm concerned.

david.mnry88, posted on April 10, 2016

Super disinfo agent, he so mainstream its embarrassing.

rosemarycreations, posted on April 9, 2016

just trying to confuse the people. Surprised George had him on.

makala.shelly, posted on April 9, 2016

UM NO SATANIC DOCUMENTATION?! I think this guy's a "whoo haaa". skull and bones... just one that comes to mind. alester crowley? flouride in the water. monsanto. He sure likes to take ahold of the conversation and "tell it how it is". I thought this was an interview. I wonder if he would drink his own Kool Aid and eat his own twinkies? GAIA INFILTRATE!!!!!!!!! ALERT ALERT!!!!!! Call David Wilcock and Corey Goode! REPTILIAN DRONE ALERT! haha.but seriously. Who sent this guy. We should find out. I BANISH THIS GUY FROM GAIA, WITH THE LOVE AND THE LIGHT OF THE ONE INFINITE CREATOR!!!n GEORGE NOORY YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER! THIS GUY JUST "SCHOOLED" YOU IN THE DARK ARTS.

jmanderson84, posted on April 11, 2016

What does Aleister Crowley have to do with Satanism?

izzyt84, posted on May 9, 2016

"The Beast" "666" of the book of Revelation sound familiar... (conjured up "demonic spirits") ; all the things this guest would probably be okay with, LMFAO. He's got to be a "Freemason," my guess.

bvb10, posted on April 9, 2016

This guy is in a bubble. He says Santanists have no historical legit. He loves the Illuminate ??? He likes the trappings and symbols and misses the deeper picture.
Sorry but quite a light weight guest this week.
Beata aka TFHL

mike217, posted on April 7, 2016

This guy goes against everything I have studied over the past 4 years about the illuminati and occults. I agree that he is either a disinfo agent or he has his head in the sand.

bvb10, posted on April 9, 2016

Head in Sand is right.
Beata ala TFHL

sibylhaynes, posted on April 7, 2016

I enjoyed his energy but distrust most of his conclusions- that there is no satanism. Does he want to tell that to the many satanic ritual survivors who have spoken out? He basically said nothing about present-day Illuminati except that people shouldn't worry about it. He seems to me like a disinfo agent.

darsiramirez, posted on April 6, 2016

With all the "data" out there on the subject most notable the Georgia Guidestones, Mr. Horowitz either has his head in the sand or is a disinformation agent.

qualteam, posted on April 6, 2016

No depth on this subject.

wm, posted on April 6, 2016

I appreciate Mitch Horowitz/s positive, upbeat, yet cautious take on the matter. Really enjoyed the interview! And yet, he arrived at a conundrum I feel about the so-called Illuminati issue and in turn so much regarding Gnosticism, Luciferian, Sufi, Jewish Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Neo-Pagan, and numerous other Esoteric practices that stand for freedom from the tyranny of institutionalized religions, freedom from a tyrannical usurper deity gone mad, from the despotism of nation-state regimes, and for liberty, hiding themselves to avoid the terrors of the Inquisition, pogroms, and other slaughters. Yet many of these occult groups were infiltrated and corrupted or taken over in various ways by those associated with the Cabal/today's Illuminati factions/occult criminal syndicates, etc.

Any thoughts here?



SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on April 7, 2016

William, thanks as always for your thoughtful comments. We at Gaia believe it is important to present many views and ideas.

You can follow Mitch Horowitz's work on his website here:

All the best,

lesliesfarm, posted on April 11, 2016


Free speech is a concept that I revere and fully support. I often tell people who express shock at the broad based views on the Internet, that the Internet is what free speech looks like. However, in today's world we are subjected to lies and manipulation everywhere we look. The reason Gaia is so popular is that people who are tired of lies have found a gentle place to hear about love and kindness and miracles........and yes, truth. We are training ourselves to learn the difference between an opinion and a falsehood. We intentionally turn away from thrilling mainstream movies and entertainment, because we are hungry for what is real and honest. Yes, this is a "difficult house" to perform in front of, because we hold you to a higher standard. The better you are, the more excellence is expected of you.

Long time subscriber

izzyt84, posted on May 9, 2016

I love how "free speech and tolerance" is embraced by the "politically correct" who expect you to 'think like them,' but if you're a real Christian, or just 'disagree,' and stray from they're "agenda," whew, look out cause the very ones who have hijacked our vocabulary using the pretense of "free speech and tolerance," and they're the first ones that will turn on you (as they're prone to do), and will be THE first ones 'yelling,' judging and condemning you, all because you believe differently.

***Long time Politically Incorrect Free-Thinker***

wm, posted on April 7, 2016

Suzanna, I'm glad you jump into these messes seemingly without fear and with so much SuzannaB Sunshine! It must take great patience and peace of mind and, aye, peace within thy heart to stay grounded with so many different opinions & judgments, mine included at times, and troll wars & government/corporate disinfo/agiprop and what not blazing about and not get pulled into any of them.

Thank you for your service.

All the Best no matter what.


SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on April 8, 2016

William, I appreciate your kind words, and your support of our Gaia community. We are all together in our search for wisdom!

Many thanks,

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