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Ocean of Pearls

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Ocean of Pearls (2008)

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This brilliant first feature from Sarab Neelam depicts the universal quest for identity. As a Sikh in North America, Dr. Amrit Singh is of two worlds, but belongs to neither. “To my father, the turban is an article of faith,” says Amrit. “To me, it means I better make damned sure I'm not late for my flight.”

When he is offered a prestigious position at a Detroit hospital, the young surgeon sees an opportunity to start fresh, only to discover that his appearance may threaten his success. What happens when our dreams seem to clash with our heritage? Perhaps it is through the collusion of the old ways and the new that we find out who we are.

A selection of the Spiritual Cinema Circle.

Omid Abtahi, Heather McComb, Ron Canada, Navi Rawat, Ajay Mehta, Todd Babcock, Dennis Haskins, K. T. Thangavelu
Sarab Neelam

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BEAA, posted on August 9, 2016

Talk about hard decisions! But his heart was always in the right place!

HeartOfMindRadio, posted on March 11, 2016

Powerful and moving story. Just loved it.

AnnieCarvalho, posted on August 8, 2015

I loved this movie.

Be true to your own self, your traditions and beliefs.
Don't assume your elders don't understand what you're going through.
If you have a tight family and community, be grateful and realize how valuable both are.

Very sweet movie.

ust_peace, posted on December 12, 2014

The film is light and lacks plot. Probably a 20 minutes short film could have done with work. Not recommended at all.

blissfulle, posted on July 16, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I disagree.

I am, however, curious,
-did he get sacked, -or choose to leave?
..It's very ambiguous that section.

His superior seems to be saying he can choose to stay.
..So the board ended up overlooking his deceptive choice?
-Then why wouldn't he stay?
To get away from the boards' business/prejudiced mindset?

I'm confused.

spiritwarrior53, posted on December 12, 2014

JUst finished watching........ Affirms what I have thought for a long time,,, To thine own self be true...

nowvoyager, posted on December 9, 2014

This was a very compelling movie. As I watched this film I kept asking myself, " why do we continue to make life harder for ourselves and others over things that do not matter?" Biologically speaking we are the same. Physically speaking we have the same basic structure. What is making us act insane is our mentality. Why do we continue to believe that our way is the way? We can accept the diversity of flower, but not the diversity of humanity. Why are we human beings so crazy?

sehweil1982, posted on November 24, 2014

Amazing message in regards to heritage, don't change yourself for no one. just be who you are

elizabeth.vanrij, posted on October 17, 2014

The Toronto Airport has a lot of Sikh security so that scene at the beginning struck me as really odd....

heathermcmillin, posted on September 12, 2014

I can play other shows through Gaiam but there's no sound for this movie for some reason.

laineycar, posted on July 4, 2014

Thought provoking film. It came to me just when I needed it.

Maidenhair, posted on November 30, 2013

Absolutely tale tale reality of ones faith unto another..permission to remove ones turban should never make one feel guilty or ashamed but to receive a message as when the time comes of growing into adulthood that masters their decision.

Tommi, posted on September 20, 2013

Uplifting, enlightening, informative, I am so happy I watched it.

rosaluna, posted on September 16, 2013

Religious traditionalists will understand why the young Sikh doctor is conflicted about giving up his turban to gain acceptance among peers in a modern western hospital. But there is also an important message for the modern American who may wonder about the desire to maintain a strict religious practice in a largely secularized mainstream society like ours.. One aspect is that religiously oriented ceremonial life, which includes great family gatherings, summer camps, and worship, is very hard to abandon if you value family and community. This movie takes you there in a very real way and makes you a part of the process as the doctor opens his heart to these questions. Told with great tenderness and respect, it is worth experiencing.

xoxolejon, posted on August 14, 2013


ecokat, posted on July 27, 2013

Thought-provoking. Great film, but definitely not a light-hearted feel-good, pick up your spirits when you are down film.

rsmontgo, posted on June 20, 2013

great film!

uragreat12, posted on June 4, 2013

Full of angst and feeling A.compelling movie

Safena, posted on May 18, 2013

Beautiful movie. Well done.

Revdoc, posted on May 12, 2013

Well done movie, very realistic. Being a physician , I can understand the hospital politics and prejudice.

floydan, posted on May 12, 2013

It IS a good movie! But it's not a true test of faith-it's a test of tradition. And impractical traditions should be kindly abandoned.

threedoglynn, posted on October 3, 2014

You just missed the whole point.. ):

Christel P, posted on May 11, 2013

This movie was absolutely beautiful and inspiring. One of my favorite lines in the movie was "I fear the death of my cnscious." If we all would fear that, the world would be a better place. Absolutely beautiful actors and movie. Thank you.

abeya101, posted on May 9, 2013

First review, great movie!

daniela.tsoncheva, posted on October 2, 2016

So beautifully said!

daniela.tsoncheva, posted on October 2, 2016

Beautiful movie with such a great message. Keep your mind open, be true to yourself and you won't o wrong. And after all, we're all the same, we're all connected and should respect each other and our choices and cultures.

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