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Old School Yoga

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Old School Yoga

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Practice the 3 essential yoga poses with Ryan Leier. Link your breath and movement to get connected. In this restorative, yet energy lifting class learn the traditional sun salutations and vinyasas to the 3 key poses as taught by the master Krisnamacharya.

Contraindications: Inversions should not be done if you are pregnant, menstruating, have high blood pressure, have eye issues, or ahve any spinal or neck injuries. Follow Ryan's instructions and modify accordingly. You may a use a wall behind you for support in headstand.

Featuring Music by Ben Kunin and 10 West


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alisonrebwebb, posted on October 27, 2015

I cannot articulate my thanks for this video. My anxiety is very high right now, heart is tight, breath is tense, and your message brought me peace for at least the duration of the video. Ryan, your method, your humility, and your discipline have laid a foundation for many people I'm sure -- they are grounding and highly effective even through a computer screen. I don't know if I would have received the knowledge imbedded in your videos, had I not encountered it here. I hope to one day have a class in person with you. To the ends of all that is, thank you.

JerseyGirl2013, posted on September 8, 2013

Finding this video and watching Ryan was worth the membership. I love how he really takes the time and doesn't rush through poses; he has a warm, calming manner that I want when doing yoga. Great music choices too! Thank you Ryan!

Jayamaa, posted on March 3, 2013

Thank you Ryan. What a blessing to have someone who still gives classical yoga and not an offshoot that's lost its moorings in the ancient teachings and Sutras. Have been looking for more Iyengar style yoga on MYO and a teacher who gives is in a heartfelt way. Love your quotations about the breath and asanas from the yoga lineage of Krishnamacharya and Patanjali. More videos please! So glad to have found you!

ryanleier, posted on February 16, 2013

@anamaria1972 it is on it's way!!!!

anamaria1972, posted on February 16, 2013

@ryanleier Mrs. Leier, I like your clases very much, but I dont quite understand the badhas, could you do a video explaining more about this?

floating-drumbeat, posted on January 5, 2013

@ryanleier an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-Hv69K08W4&feature=player_embedded#! see 8:06 - 8:18 , this practice shows that flow from salamba sarvangasana to adho mukha svanasana ... but this guy is flexible for his (or nearly any) age and size ...! And reciting prayers aloud throughout the practice.

yogadivya, posted on January 5, 2013

ahhhhhhh... thank you... first of your videos that i have seen and just perfect for me... will be exploring more about Srivatsa Ramaswami :)

ryanleier, posted on January 5, 2013

@lauriedickinson @JillianL thanks for the posts! More to come.. I love working with @michelletrantina and the MYO team!!

ryanleier, posted on January 5, 2013

@floating-drumbeat look in the book complete book of vinyasa yoga by Srivatsa Ramaswami. It is a tumbling type move like chakrasana in ashtanga... You could also do half-headstand instead of full headstand. You can do as many Sun Salutes as you like. Indra Devi says no more than 150 a day! haha

michelletrantina, posted on January 4, 2013

Hi @JillianL
More with Ryan coming up!
Michelle and the MYO team.

JillianL, posted on January 4, 2013

MYO can we keep encouraging Ryan to do as many classes as possible? He's a wonderful teacher!!!!

floating-drumbeat, posted on January 3, 2013

@gingy - so, you've been practicing since age 13?

If you leave out one of the important poses, because you do it differently, then nothing is really lost in the old school ... I think it's a noetic thing, not a physical thing ...

gingy, posted on January 3, 2013

VEery insightfull to think othat five min. is going to gouge a whole practice after the last 15 years (I'm know 28) time dosent make up fro whats lacking but you do !!!LIVE IT LOVEIT!!!

lauriedickinson, posted on January 3, 2013

More of Ryan. What a wonderful teacher he is.

floating-drumbeat, posted on January 2, 2013

@floating-drumbeat Also, I once had been told that 5 minutes of headstand could replace a whole practice. Now, that is almost impossible to believe. Especially now that I have seen this video. I especially like that you do purvottanasana right before savasana.

I have been practicing yoga regularly over 5 years, so I am not a new beginner-type.

floating-drumbeat, posted on January 2, 2013

Very nice presentation. You mentioned going (flowing) from shoulderstand to downdog as a traditional style. Does that involve tumbling?
How many sun salutes should you do before doing the other poses? I would not be warmed up enough for those at my age, without more than a few; except I would as well be taking downdog because although I have been initially taught, I don't do a full headstand; and I have been convinced not to use the wall. Also, great utthita prasarita padasana variation that you show before shoulderstand.

ryanleier, posted on January 2, 2013

@bpinto Thanks for the note Blanche. I come to the maritimes 2X a year, stay connected on Facebook. Let's try to get a slow mo 60 minute class. Just message the peeps at MYO they are very good listeners! I will mention it to them this weekend! LOVE

bpinto, posted on January 2, 2013

Ryan, I love your class. Can you give a 60 min. Class with Vinyasa flow with slow motion, like you did today. It is so nice to watch you do it. I am learning alot from you. Thank you ever so much for sharing this with all the viewers. We enjoy M.Y.O very much. blanche.

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