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Oneness and Humanity
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Conversations with Neale: Oneness and Humanity

Episode 35

Neale Donald Walsch’s discusses creating a future of oneness, considers humanity’s commonalities, and suggests treating everything and everyone as an expression of God. Walsch discusses whether human beings can experience oneness with Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, author and founder and director of the Agape international Spiritual Center, with Reverend Deborah Johnson, founding minister and president of Inner light Ministries, and author of The Sacred Yes: Letters from the Infinite, and with Joanna Gabriel.

Neale Donald Walsch
Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Reverend Deborah Johnson


Episode 1 Willingness Creates Magic
Willingness Creates Magic (11/16/2005 )
Episode 1
Neale Donald Walsch provides a commentary on the New Though Movement. Walsch and co-host Colleen Pyke answer listeners’ questions. The Idea for today is willingness creates magic.
Episode 2 Step in to Yourself
Step in to Yourself (11/23/2005 )
Episode 2
Neale Donald Walsch resolves to pay more attention to the moment, and focus on the questions who am I and who do I want to be. The thought for today is, step in to yourself. Walsch and co-host Colleen Pyke answer listeners’ ...
Episode 3 The Morphic Field
The Morphic Field (11/30/2005 )
Episode 3
Neale Donald Walsch shares a story about the morphic field. The thought for today is send the message to the world that you wish to receive from the world. Walsch and co-host Colleen Pyke answer callers' questions.
Episode 4 A Friend's Memorial
A Friend's Memorial (12/7/2005 )
Episode 4
Neale Donald Walsch shares his experience of attending a friend’s memorial service and the questions that raised for him. Walsch and co-host Colleen Pyke answer callers’ questions.

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