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Opa! (2005)

Only available in Canada, United States

In the magical Greek island of Patmos the inhabitants have lived, danced, and laughed for thousands of years. But, with the arrival of Eric, a straight-laced, high-tech archaeologist, everything could forever change.

Eric soon finds himself swept into a world of picture-postcard scenery and romance. That is, until his satellite-guided equipment reveals that his most important find may be buried under the tavern owned by his love interest – the beautiful and uncompromising Katerina.

Will Eric toss away a lifetime of work – and the hope of fulfilling his father’s deepest wish – for the love of a vivacious and independent woman? It will take all her passion and all his courage to find out where the real treasure is buried.

Matthew Modine, Richard Griffiths, Alki David, Agni Scott
Udayan Prasad
English, Greek with English subtitles

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myhealingcoach, posted on September 4, 2016

Ethics, morals, values, beauty, love, fun... I really enjoyed this movie and the gorgeous scenery! The ending was especially sweet.

m.crandles, posted on September 3, 2016

What a wonderful ,happy and thought provoking film! It brought a good feeling to my heart so missing in today's media.

zoelovesu12, posted on October 20, 2015

WOW this movie was fabulous I could watch it over and over it was that good ! Thank You

dkmanis, posted on August 28, 2015

I wish this was available to watch in Australia, it looks great!!!!

sarrah.west, posted on April 28, 2015

I really loved the scenery along with the story. Very nice and I love the ending. :)

LINDAB8, posted on August 20, 2014

A fun movie with a serious agenda.
Decision of what is really important in life.

seraigne, posted on August 7, 2014

Heart warming, and uplifting

sandy2, posted on June 18, 2014

I truly loved this story. It was very moving, and I didn't want it to stop.

AZALEAS, posted on October 13, 2013

The possibilities when we step out of our own way.

marcia-amiga, posted on June 26, 2013

Delightful actress, beautiful scenery, sweet story... Mathew Modine was too old for the part and the weakest link, and the editing is choppy...like it wasn't quite finished for TV before they sold it. It is a nice film, I would watch it again.

wolfz2, posted on June 8, 2013

Very Good, loved it!

wolfz2, posted on June 8, 2013

I Loved this movie! Learned a thing or two- Thanks!

wolfz2, posted on June 8, 2013

Wonderful Movie! I was feeling depressed and it made my day! Thank You! 5 Stars!

Lolk, posted on November 21, 2012

Cute, predictable love story set in Greece...what's not to like?

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