Openings: The Search for Harry Video
Openings: The Search for Harry

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Openings: The Search for Harry (2012)

Only available in Canada, United States

Openings: The Search for Harry is a humorous and insightful feature-length movie presentation based on true events and is the story of one man’s journey from being closed off from those most important in his life, to reconnecting, and to rebuilding an authentic richer life.

Join Harry Reed on his often touching adventure into the remote mountains of Colorado. This film explores life in a way that is both real and profound. Interwoven into the film are some of today’s most relevant new-age personalities, who provide interviews that share their own thoughts and insights. Openings: The Search for Harry is a rare type of film, one that will open your mind as well as your heart.

Jordan Leigh, Vanessa Lorraine, Kim McGinnis, Jami Boyle, Gary Crow-Willard, Jude Moran, Suraj Thapa, Tom Auclair
Mark McGinnis

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LisaT2, posted on September 4, 2016

I could not help but feel excitement about life and what it means to be human watching this film! It both entertained and instructed on mastering the fine art of being alive. I was able to relate to and care about the central figure's dilemma and his opening evoked a strong positive emotional response. So grateful to have seen this film. To have been entertained and fed spiritually so deeply! Thank you to the film makers!

BrianC4, posted on August 30, 2016

Really good!

PattyCa103, posted on October 10, 2015

This was a film that I really needed right now. I found it very meaningful and inspiring. I did not mind the interruptions and found their comments helpful. I am really glad that I watched it.

eco1, posted on October 4, 2015

Well worth watching to help us remember who we are. This is not a film to scrutinize for production values or skilled writing. Its heart makes this worth watching; the talking heads were ok. Most important, the film undoes some of the damage done by the rather sleazy and metaphysically service-to-self, spiritually materialistic film The Secret. The New Age movement still has a lot of 'splainin' to do re: some twisted concepts about "positive thinking" and how much control individuals and/or the collective conscious have over manifesting (co-creating, etc.) reality. The Secret's narcissistic focus has been bypassed by the more genuine heartspace vision, depth and science presented here in the speech of those who may have found some peace and flow with life. Concurrently, it might be good to question these presenters and all perceived authorities; the time has come when our own life experience and integrated levels of awareness, including our deepest shadow sides, deserve the role of Teacher. It would be nice if Gaiam took on the very challenging material of Mark Passio and his talks on Natural Law, the more passionate works of Andrew Harvey, the clarion Shakti teachings of Sri Anandima/DYC, and some of the brilliant edginess of Ken Wilber. Gaiam has tended somewhat toward rainbow, unicorn and cotton candy content from what I have seen so far; the Hallmark Card approach to spirituality and consciousness is OK for pre-K, but many are ready for much more challenging material. Maybe millions -- things seem to be changing that fast in Gaiam's worldwide web of Heart.

mnsands, posted on January 5, 2016

Well said!!

joyspirited, posted on October 2, 2015

Honestly, I almost didnt watch it after the first 5 minutes. However, I'm glad I did. Nice message and overall, a warm, heartfelt movie. It starts out as each character 'over-acting'. Someone else commented 'cheezy'. I'd have to agree it starts out this way, however, if you stick with it, it gets much better and worth watching.

DoriD, posted on December 25, 2014

I really loved this film, and will rewatch..... it's Christmas, and too many interruptions!

Don't give up on this film, as it starts a bit slow, but has insightful information, and is very touching.

denmar2, posted on December 15, 2014

A little too smaltzee and heavy on the corn for me but I thought the acting was good toward the end at the Memorial when bro and sis reconciled their differences. I found the constant interruptions by the talking heads annoying and redundant. I did appreciate the overall message pertaining to the shift of consciousness. I myself experienced this when I stopped eating meat.

Zandie, posted on November 17, 2014

WOW ... Speech less ;)

nature.scent, posted on May 9, 2014

What a great film! This is one I'll need to watch again and again, as there was so much there for me. I loved the teaching in between. It helped me to understand where I had strayed from my path more fully and How to get back on again. Thank you GiamTV.
With love and gratitude,

JOANNW1, posted on May 4, 2014

I loved this moving program and am so grateful I was able to watch it. Thank you so much!

FIDELC, posted on October 5, 2013

This was so heartfelt and inspiring! Thank you Gaiamtv and movie team!!

cathy6, posted on May 5, 2013

A creative blend of spiritual teachings and storyline follows Harry through his search for inner meaning and purpose for his life. Sometimes the authentic self presents itself though mysterious ways as circumstances come about to invite change. A very inspiring story that a variety of people can relate to.

Andge3, posted on January 30, 2013

This is definitely a great movie. I loved the narrative between scenes from the spiritual leaders. It was thought provoking. Remembering to listen to our hearts and not our minds was very inspiring. And how effortless it can really be if we do. Definitely a 4 star for me!

SpiritWings, posted on December 29, 2012

A wonderful portrayal of the story of who we are, or can be. The weaving of narratives with the story line "tells the story," in a way that bipasses the mind, touches the heart, and reminds us of what we (or I) tend to forget. So nice to remember the Truth!

RussG, posted on December 15, 2012

This one grabbed me by my heart-strings. And, having many of the thought leaders that I look up to essentially guiding me through the movie's story really added to the lessons taught. This format is doubly good for me. And the "I am loved" song at the end brought me to tears. I needed this!

hongirl, posted on December 9, 2012

Loved it! Great concept in a movie....good acting, very natural.

motherearth, posted on December 7, 2012

Synchroneity is what happens if you relax after you ask a question and the answer appears as if by magic.

Nancy Cavan, posted on December 7, 2012

Very nice and lovely movie.
Helps me understand about my inner spirit and how it helps me follow my purpose in life.
OH.... and "always believe".

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