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Organic Food
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Wisdom at Work: Organic Food (2002)

Episode 3
Available worldwide

Mo Siegel, CEO of Celestial Seasonings Tea, was 19 years old when he started walking around the Rocky Mountains near Boulder, Colorado, picking wild herbs and tea. In this episode of Wisdom at Work, he describes his early vision of having healthy, natural food available in America. He explains the importance of staying close to the consumer and why sustainability is a personal issue to him. Mark Retzloff, co-founder of Horizon Organic Dairy and CEO of Rudi's Organic Bakery, was in college at the University of Michigan studying environmental education when he and his friends started a natural food store in 1969. When finding products for the store, he realized that there was a lot of passion among the organic agricultural producers, but there was no market for their organic products. That realization guided Retzloff to create the market and provide a place for these sustainable products to be sold.

Paul Schaefer
Mo Siegel, Mark Retzloff
Bill Cote


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