Healing Matrix: Organic Skincare with Joshua Onysko Video
Organic Skincare with Joshua Onysko
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Healing Matrix: Organic Skincare with Joshua Onysko (May 2014)

Season 2, Episode 13
Available worldwide

Nutrition is vitally important to the health of our body and our skin. Unbeknownst to many, our skin is exposed to hundreds of damaging and carcinogenic chemicals every day, many of which come from the skincare products we use. Joshua Onysko, founder of Pangea Organics, explains how you can feed and nourish your skin using organic nutrient-based skincare in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast May 21, 2014.

Joshua Onysko is the founder and CEO of Pangea Organics. After seven years of traveling the world, he decided that leading by example was the best way to influence others to reconsider their ways. Now, he hopes to reinvent the way we nurture our bodies with an awareness of how the products we consume directly impacts how we will live tomorrow.

Regina Meredith
Joshua Onysko


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samantha.fisher516, posted on January 17, 2015

I'm going to be completely honest, I didn't think that I would even want nor would I need to have any organic products. When I saw this interview it inspired me to go into getting organic skin care products. It's all I really use. Thank you very much for this video!

brandiglass333, posted on June 7, 2014

I found the interview to be extremely enlightening. I was aware of some of these things - but not nearly all. In contrast to the other viewers, I saw Mr. Onysko as being very confident in his claims and confident in his products. When you have worked that hard to maintain a level of integrity behind the scenes of any business, you definitely deserve to be sure of your reasoning. I think sometimes, confidence gets confused with arrogance, and I think this is a young man who knows what he's talking about and who know that he knows....lol. I say "Bravo" for standing up strongly for what you know to be true and I look forward to trying all of your products as well as making my own soap now!! Thanks so much for taking the time to inform the masses here at Gaiam - there's not a better place to make sure that your info gets heard and repeated!

mjcole.97, posted on June 3, 2014

Although the subject matter was very interesting and I completely believe in natural products, I found Mr. Onysko to be a bit arrogant and disingenuous. When Regina asked him what essential oil he used as deodorant, after he stated that's what he uses, and he didn't answer her, it threw a huge flag up that he wasn't telling the truth (he shows a flash of discomfort/surprise then the smooth-talking takes back over). Unfortunately, that made me question everything else he said. When it comes to unregulated products trust in the company and what they're telling us becomes very important.

terrihallman, posted on May 24, 2014

i have been making my own skin and body products for a few years (keep it simple) and am always looking for more info. alot of people making and selling homemade bar soaps are still using toxic chemicals. ive checked out his site and am happy he gives info about what we can do ourselves. i have not been able to find hair products that are clear of these chemical so i will be looking for ward to his hair product line. thanks

karina, posted on May 23, 2014

great interview, fast mover and talker, fascinating life

dragonwchimes, posted on May 21, 2014

I just found out that Pangea sells their products in several stores here in Québec! Will definitely check it out. Thanx Regina!

WaldorfmamaLJA, posted on May 21, 2014

When he said they harvest seaweed from the pacific ocean, a red flag went off for me, as I recently watched an interview Regina did (can't remember the guys name) and this man told Regina that no one should be consuming anything out of the Pacific Ocean due to all of the nuclear fall out and radiation that had polluted the ocean from Fukushima. So there is a HUGE
disconnect here for me which I would love for Joshua to comment on. I did like what Joshua said on our nutrition being 90 percent of our skin care... meaning what we eat!

Thank you

mickialbert, posted on May 22, 2014

I too noticed that comment, and also saw the interview about the Pacific Ocean's toxicity post-Fukushima. Traveling to the Oregon Coast next month, will not be consuming any seafood... insert sad face here.

suzanh, posted on May 21, 2014

He didn't mention Dr. Hauschka which is the crem de la crem of skin care....

Alia Munger 2, posted on August 2, 2016

so much knowledge. more of this please!

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